ActiveX Savvy Smart Digital Weighing Scale – Review & Buying Guide

There are excellent methods available in this world to monitor our health. Technology has advanced in such a way that it offers nothing but excellence. Health and well being is the prime requirement for every human on this planet. However, there are mixed emotions concerning this factor; at the end of the day, health matters a lot to live a financially stable life. The day’s order is to be always fit; the methods that we use to track our progress are minimal. There are many ways to keep track of our health, and one such way is to use a Body Composition Analyser. 

ActiveX Savvy Smart Digital Weighing Scale

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A BMI Machine is a tool that is a versatile device that offers a million benefits to lead a healthy lifestyle. It gives an extreme level of diligence and perseverance to lead a happy life too. The tool can be more useful after connecting to the mobile application that offers you complete statistics about your health. In a country like India, we must require such devices. With the way we consume food, we do not keep track of protein or carbohydrate intakes. The optimum levels of food intake shall help in various aspects. Of course, getting slim is one of the by-products that we can relish with the use of a fat analyzer

The Body Composition Analyser gives the exact ratio of body fat with that of the muscle tissues. It can help you modify your food intake levels to give your body its needed nutrients. Improving health requires reducing weight too. A convenient BCA shall provide you that needed support in your life. More importantly, the devices that are available in the market do more than that too. The ActiveX Savvy Smart Digital Weighing machine shall be of the best use to your family. It is a cost-effective device that you can use to check, monitor, track, and improve your health. 

If you are planning is to leave with top-notch health, then ActiveX Savvy is the intelligent choice. ActiveX Australia is famous for its incredible fitness and health monitoring tools that have come up with a versatile weighing scale. The top-class technology incorporated in the machines is incomparable. The logic that the company has used in designing the devices is giving you accurate results. These results can be utilized to alter your lifestyle accordingly. It does not stop there. You can track your progress too. The human body contains four components, and you can take a look at them below. 

  1. Fat
  2. Protein
  3. Muscles
  4. Water

These four components play a crucial role in your health and fitness. ActiveX Savvy has come up with a Body Composition Analyser that can give you the exact stats based on the four elements. It can help you set goals and track the proceedings as you move further. 

The tool is way too versatile as it analyses 13 important body compositions. You can analyze this data by connecting the machine to the ActiveX mobile Application. The best part is, this app comes for free. You can go over to the Google Play store to download this mobile application. The essential body composition factors are

  1. BMI
  2. Body Fat percentage
  3. Body Muscle Mass
  4. Subcutaneous Fat
  5. Visceral Fat 6. Bone Mass 

The machine weighs your body, and in this way, the data displays in the mobile application. Based on the results, you can change your fitness regime. The ActiveX Savvy is famous for setting the goals and achieving it with the utmost ease. It is an incredible product for beginners, gym enthusiasts, health-conscious people, households, and sports lovers. 

The best part of purchasing the weighing scale is that the ActiveX App has the feature to share the data with the fitness experts to seek advice. The incredible technology used in this machine is called the ‘Dual BIA technology.’ BIA is called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. It helps get the data so accurately that you can actually rely on this machine life long. Oh Yes, this product comes with an incredible lifespan and has fantastic durability too. Usually, such devices come with BIA, but this device has dual frequency cover to offer the utmost accuracy. When you stand on the scale, two frequencies are sent through the body. The higher frequency rate is analyzed and based on it, and the data is displayed and stored in the application. 



  • The dual-frequency BIA ensures the maximum accuracy in the readings
  • The application helps you to set goals and track your progress
  • The Weighing machine has tempered glass, that means to say it is highly durable
  • The dust-free machine is highly reliable 
  • The application is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices
  • It is a lightweight device, that makes it portable too




  • Few reviews state that it is not completely waterproof




  • The body of the machine is non-corrosive
  • The Advanced Digital bathroom Scale helps you track the state of 13 essential body elements
  • The weighing scale comes with Auto ON and Off features
  • The reading is accurate, and it can give accuracy by 0.1Kg 
  • The high precision sensors offer accurate results 
  • The auto-calibration is so fast with this machine




  • The weighing scale can measure between 5Kg to 180Kg
  • The weighing scale comes with 3AAA batteries
  • The product dimension is 26.5 x 26.5 x 2.4 cm



ActiveX is named for high precision tools in the market. It is always good to be with the masters. The incredible sturdy body composition analyzer has a fantastic technology incorporated in it. The useful data that you can get from the device can change your lifestyle to a better one. The durability of the machine being excellent, it is must buy a product for your family. Moreover, the price is also affordable, and that makes it highly attractive. Further, the ActiveX App comes for free to get the required data to make informed decisions in life.