Automatic Weighing Machine – All You Need To Know

Whenever the talk of the weighing machine comes up, we think about the digital or analogue based weighing scales. But there’s another machine that not many talks about what we here will talk about here today. The automatic weighing machine is one of the heavy-duty and advanced means of weighing scale which is used around.  We here look into the automatic weighing scales and will brief about all you need to know in here down below. Read along for it.

What’s an Automatic Weighing Scale?


The automatic weighing machine is based on electronic means and is equipped with a microprocessor which allows for automatic and high-speed weighing of products and materials. These are of heavy-duty usage and are used to measure bags and weights of the material of items like fertilizers, food grains, rice, granules, coal, coke, flour, sugar, salt, chemical powder and more. 

How does an Automatic Weighing Machine Function?

The automatic weighing machine comes around with the working mechanism of weighing containers suspended from two weighing cells which in turn forms the automatic system allowing for the measurement of fixed weight values. It comes with digital electronics that have switching points allowing for weighing and bagging. 

It has a tare weight measuring system that allows you to check automatically and is corrected by the automatic zero tarings. This feature allows for a balance of weighing accuracy. The machine displays the target weight deviation after each of the weighing. When there are many deviations based out of the desired tolerance range, the automatic dribble setting allows for automatic correction of fine flow cutoff.  

What is the Capacity of an Automatic Weighing Machine? 

The automatic weighing machine has a capacity of measuring up to 100 kgs. They are used to measure the bags and materials and are designed to measure from 20 kgs up to the capacity of 100 kgs. 

What are the Components of an Automatic Weighing Machine?

There are different components of the automatic weighing machine and with the recent development in the technology and advancement of information, the weighing machines are getting advanced. The advanced weighing machine comes with features like gravity, belt, screw feeder and also has vibration feeder tray. They have a net and gross model. They have a mild steel and stainless steel based body for long term durability. 

What are the Features of an Automatic Weighing Machine?

There are quite a few features that make the automatic weighing machine an important part of modern-day usage. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Easy to program and operate
  • Comes equipped with three stage-filling like coarse, medium and fine
  • It can handle multiple types of bags and packets
  • They come with easy to read program values and visuals
  • It offers accurate and repeatable results
  • They come with a password-protected program
  • It has a bag reject alarm output system
  • It has feather touch membrane-based keypad
  • It can run on the universal power supply

Automatic weighing machines are vastly superior to the digital and analogue-based weighing scales and are used along for heavy-duty purposes and for measuring large bags and items. We hope you find out about all you need to know of automatic weighing machines via this file.