Best Nutrition Scale In India 2022 – Digital Scale for Food Nutrition Review & Buying Guide

With a constant increase in awareness about health and fitness along with different innovations in technology, new equipment and weighing machines are coming into the picture to aid people in improving their health. When it comes to diet when you are following a healthy workout routine, you sure are a person who wants to follow the perfect diet to put you in shape as well as supply the required nutrients for the body. If you are a person who wants to keep a precise check on the daily food intake or count exactly the number of calories or nutrients you are consuming, then a nutrition scale is your best choice. You can measure your meal portions on this scale and also nutrient levels easily. 

Top 5 Digital Nutrition Scale – Best Selling

With a nutrition scale at your home, you and your family can have a healthier lifestyle even without going to a dietician or nutritionist. You can figure out on your own what food you want to take and simply measure the intake level on this nutrition scale, and well, you get the best diet plan for yourself. Also, owning a food scale is quite helpful to weigh ingredients for certain recipes. There are so many nutrition scales available online, and it is confusing to select the one that suits you the most. Well, for starters, we are providing a buying guide to know the factors to be considered while buying a nutrition scale. We have consolidated the best nutrition scales available in India online for you and you can go ahead and select the one suiting your needs the best.

#1. Eat Smart Digital Nutrition Food Scale

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The first item from our list is from Eat Smart. It has a wonderful white backlight digital screen to display the readings easily. This nutrition scale is developed by medical professionals and hence portion wide analyses of nutritional content are precise on this scale. For weighing almost any kind of food item, this nutrition scale is designed to provide results for food that weighs up to 11 lbs. There are around 1000 food items stored in the database, which are carefully given by professionals.

The nutritional elements that this food scale can calculate are carbohydrates, calories, potassium, sodium, fibre, magnesium, saturated fat, total fat, cholesterol, vitamin k, protein, calcium. These are more than enough to know whether you are maintaining a healthy diet. In addition to these features, there is a calculator available that can calculate the nutrients of any food based on the USDA nutrition facts label and is a very useful tool in the market today. Also, the Eat Smart nutrition scale is named as the most effective tool to count carbohydrates and manage diabetes. 


  • Nutrition scale allows you to weigh up to 11 lbs of food items
  • The database contains 1000 food items nutritional details
  • Almost all required nutrients are displayed on the screen
  • Nutrition facts calculator included


  • Some users have concerns about the quality

#2. Etekcity Nutrition Food Scale

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The next nutrition scale from our list is from Etekcity, which got the best design award. Almost all the nutrient facts are calculated and displayed neatly on a readable screen. This scale has a large platform to place your food items conveniently in a container and calculate the nutrition facts. One interesting feature of this food scale is that you can connect the scale to your IOS or Android using Bluetooth and can operate the nutrition scale through a smart App called VeSync app.

This app allows you to convert units or use tare function or customize display options. You can set goals to achieve an ideal diet. Set the goal to keto, balanced, or whatever diet you are following, and the app helps you to monitor your intake and store the logs of nutritional facts. The database contains 8000 USDA food items in it and the data is up-to-date and reliable. You can even add your own food item list into the database. 


  • The scale has a large platform to place food items with ease
  • Connect the food scale to your mobile using Bluetooth and can customize details with VeSync app
  • Set some dietary goals on the app and constantly monitor your intake
  • The database contains 8000 USDA food items, and you can even add your own


  • Some people did not like the app.

#3. Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale

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Kitrics Digital nutrition scale is the next one from our list. It comes in a bright silver colour that looks sleek in your kitchen and can match your interior too. The scale itself looks neat with a separate room for display, selection, and weighing. All the nutritional details like fat, protein, carbohydrates, calories, minerals, etc., are displayed on the screen. All you need to do is place your food item on the circular space given on the scale and that’s it. You get all the details related to that food item.


  • Food scale comes in silver colour 
  • Great design to conveniently put your ingredients 
  • Almost all the nutritional facts are displayed


  • It is slightly expensive

#4. Digital Nutrition Scale by Wasserstein

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The last nutrition scale from our list is from Wasserstein. The food scale provides accurate measurements with the high-precision sensors that weigh your food items perfectly within 1 gram accuracy like a kitchen weighing scale. There are 999 items in the database and once you calculate the weight, you can easily look up the database to get the nutritional facts. The scale has a great look with black tempered glass and is easy to clean too. You can use the unit conversion option if you wish to view a few items in different units. You can save the nutritional facts and also calculate the sum.


  • Accurate measurements with high-precision sensors
  • The database contains 999 items
  • Unit conversion and save option, to sum up, the total


  • Some people felt some difficulty in using the scale.

#5. Greater Goods Digital Nutrition Facts Display

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With an exquisite design and easy-to-clean platform, the Greater Goods food scale is perfect for daily usage. It gives accurate measurements calculating all the nutritional information and, more importantly, calculates daily Totals of the nutritional values. The company not only produces a great food scale but also supports organizations like the Global Orphan Project, Now Adopt, and Love146. The database contains 2000 food items in it and you can add 99 items of your choice to customize it. There are useful features like auto-calibration, tare function, scratch-resistant, 4 ultra-precision sensors for weighing, non-slip and auto-off function. The maximum capacity of this scale is 11 lbs. In addition to that, you get an excellent service from the company and also a 5 Year Warranty is issued.


  • Sleek and easy-to-clean design
  • Gives accurate measurements and provides daily totals of all nutritional elements.
  • The database contains 2000 food items and you can add 99 more items of your choice. 
  • 11 lb maximum capacity
  • 5-year warranty



  • Nothing as such


Buying Guide to Choose Best Digital Nutrition Scale

Below is the buying guide for your reference and you need to consider these factors before selecting the best nutrition scale for your purpose.

Unit Conversions

When you measure some ingredients required for a recipe or if your calculations require few items to be measured in grams and few measured in pounds, it is good to have the unit conversion option on the nutrition scale. Rather than doing the math yourself, it is always better when the scale does the work for you.


The main usage of a food scale or nutrition scale is to measure food items on this scale and get an exact estimate of its nutrients or meal portions. There are times that you want to measure larger food items and you cannot simply measure them by cutting them into portions. It is always better to select a nutrition scale that has a larger capacity, maybe around 11 lbs. It definitely helps you when you want to measure large amounts of food.


Most of the time, you may not want to carry your food scale wherever you go. However, if you are a person who looks for carrying the food scale while travelling, then a compact nutrition scale is the best choice for you. They not only allow you to carry the scale easily but also help you to fit it in any compact spaces too.


Whatever item you buy, price is always a factor to consider. Similarly, you need to select a nutrition scale that comes for the best price.


With advancements in technology, mechanical scales are being replaced with digital ones. Digital scales have an LCD screen to display measurements clearly. Also, digital scales give measurements in decimal places, which means precision.

Tare Function 

A tare function for nutrition scales is an important factor to consider. This allows you to place the ingredients or food items in a bowl and do not count the bowl for measuring.

Final Word

You have seen all the factors necessary to select a nutrition scale best suiting your purpose. Our consolidated list is the best list for you to consider and take a look at. Once you decide the best nutrition scale for you, you can go ahead and click on the link provided to check out.