Top 5 Best Light Weight Weighing Machine in India 2022

Weighing machines have become an important part of our modern-day life. With the hectic schedule ongoing and the stress that comes along with it, our bodies are taking more strain. This is where the body’s metabolism is being affected around. It is important that we cast a keen eye on our bodily changes and understand every bit of loss or gain in our journey.

There are plenty of weighing machines available around the market at different price levels. They come with different weight and features. The one thing that works wonder apart from the functionality of weighing machine is its lightweight. A lightweight weighing machine will help you to carry around with ease.

We here look at five of the best lightweight weighing machines around. Read along.

Best Lightweight Weighing Machines Online in India

Listed down below are the five best lightweight weighing machines around.

1. Venus EPS 9999 Ultra-Lite Personal Electronic Digital LCD Weight Machine

Venus EPS 9999 Ultra-Lite Personal Electronic Digital LCD Weight Machine

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The first one on our list is the one from Venus with its super light-weight weighing machine. This one comes with a G-sensor allowing high accuracy and features a sense of technology. It also has LCD display and comes with a weight range capacity of 5kg-180kg. It comes with one year of warranty and hasa high precision strain sensor gauze system. It has non-breakable ABS body.


  • Super lightweight
  • Sense on technology
  • LCD display
  • 1 year of warranty


  • Might show fluctuations in the weight range

2. Nova BGS-1243 Ultra-Lite Digital Weighing Scale

Nova BGS-1243 Ultra-Lite Digital Weighing Scale

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Next up we have Nova making its entry into the second number on our list. Nova has been offering one of the top line products around and they rightfully grace this list. This weighing machine is a lightweight piece from them and comes with a plastic build. It has precise sensors allowing for accurate measurement of the weight. It comes with a weight capacity of 150 kg. It also has an LCD display for showcasing the weight.


  • Lightweight and sturdy body
  • Four precise sensors for an accurate reading
  • LCD display


  • A bit pricy item

3. MCP Weighing Scale Analogue Manual Mechanical Weighing Machine

MCP Weighing Scale Analogue Manual Mechanical Weighing Machine

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At third in our list is the one from MCP with its lightweight weighing scale. This one is an analog piece and comes with a reliable reading. It also has skid-proof design and has non-slip mat that allows for user safety. It features a tempered strength made out of rustproof iron material. It is built for precision and performance and allows for constant tracking of your weight.


  • High-quality mechanical scale
  • Reliable readings
  • Skid-proof design
  • Rustproof iron material


  • Lack of digital option

4. K999 Virgo Analogue Manual Mechanical Weighing Machine for Human Body

K999 Virgo Analogue Manual Mechanical

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Here now we have the one from K999. It has a full metal body design that comes with zero adjustable dal. It has a high-quality build and features precise and perfect cutting. It sports an analog-based reading and has perfect reading scale for finding accurate results and also comes with heavy-duty durable body. Blessed with metal body, this one still features a lightweight body.


  • Elegant and metal body design
  • Compact and small size
  • Lightweight body
  • Value for money


  • Durability issues

5. Healthgenie Digital Personal Weighing scale

Healthgenie Digital Personal Weighing scale

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Rounding up our list is the one from Healthgenie with its impressive digital weighing machine. This is one of the top-selling pieces around and comes with a high-quality ABS material. It has a simple design that works charmingly well and has precision G sensors that give correct and accurate measurements of the body weight. It has step-on technology and features auto-calibration. It has 12 months of warranty with it. It has a maximum capacity of 150kg. It has a unique feature of USB charging.


  • Elegant design
  • 4 precision sensors
  • High-quality ABS material
  • USB charging option


  • Measurements might fluctuate sometime

Buying guide for lightweight weighing machine

There are various factors that need to be taken care of while buying a lightweight weighing machine. We here will list those factors down below for you. Read along.

  • Type of weighing scale

Weighing scale comes in two different variants as digital one and analog one. The digital ones are much lighter than the analog ones because they don’t have to hoard the large mechanical parts inside. Still there are quite a few mechanical ones too with lightweight bodies.

  • Capacity

Another major thing to look for when buying a weighing scale is the capacity. Normally weighing scale comes with a capacity range of 150-180 kgs. Look for the one which suits your need and facilitates proper weighing.

  • Body

A weighing machine also needs to be durable and long-lasting. These days the weighing scale comes with ABS body which makes them sturdy. Also look for the one with rustproof iron body or material as they also make a good one. Normally the mechanical ones come with the rustproof iron body.

  • Accuracy

Weighing scales need to be accurate otherwise it would be of no use at all. These days weighing scales are inbuilt with precision sensors and high gauge sensors for providing accurate measurements of the body weight. Although minor graduation of up to 100g can be termed as manageable for the most part.

  • Price and warranty

Last but not least, price and warranty are important factors when it comes to weighing scales. There are plenty of weighing scales available in the market at different price levels and with varying warranty periods. Look for the one with good value for money and something that suits your budget range. Also check out for the longer warranty period.

  • Brand Value

The first major thing that you should consider while purchasing a new lightweight weighing machine is brand value. By choosing the best brand for yourself, you can be assured of getting the best value for money, better accuracy, flawless build quality and a perfect list of features. So, instead of going for the cheaper brands and lesser-known models for yourself, we will suggest you go with a reliable brand that has a great fan following and efficiency than others. 

  • Accuracy

The most important thing that you should be looking for while purchasing a new weighing machine is accuracy. Make sure that the weighing machine that you are planning to purchase for you is accurate enough to rely on. Also, make sure you can easily calibrate the machine to get the best and most accurate results.  By doing this, you can easily find the best and most accurate weighing machine for you that can be completely relied on for performance. 

  • Usability

The modern weighing machines are loaded with features and usability enhancements that make the machine better value for money and efficient buy for the homeowners. However, it is important that you choose a perfect machine that is relatively easier to use and you can easily master the features according to your needs. 

  • Durability

Lastly, make sure that even though you are planning to buy a lightweight weighing machine, the machine is durable enough to be used for years without compromising with the performance and accuracy.  By keeping the above-listed points in mind, you can easily choose a perfect and reliable weighing machine that is lightweight and extremely easy to use and store. 

Final Verdict

There are plenty of weighing scales available around the market at different price spectrums. With the influx of rapid and hassle filled life, it’s important that we keep track of our body weight. A weighing machine can be your best friend in this journey of weight transformation. We hope you can find a good lightweight weighing scale based on our review and buying guide series.