Top 5 Best Spring Weighing Scale – Review & Buying Guide

Talking about the different types of weighing scales available in the online market, there are plenty of options to the buyers according to the level of accuracy desired and the budget. You can easily choose from a wide range of digital weighing scales that are flawlessly accurate or go for the traditional weighing scales that are cheap and easy to maintain. However, if you are planning to buy something that perfectly falls between these two categories, then it would be none other than the Spring weighing scales. 

Spring weighing scales have a long history and definitely, we aren’t going to talk about it here. However, the thing that you should know about the spring weighing scale as a buyer is that it may not as accurate as of the other options available for the buyers in the market, but when it comes to durability and usability, they are probably the best types of weighing scales currently available to buy in the market. 

In all, if you were searching to buy a reliable weighing scale that somehow weighs the item approximately, but is a better value for money and provides you better build quality and durability, you should give the spring weighing scale a try. IT is worth considering an item to go with if the accuracy isn’t of much importance. 

Best spring scale Online

The top-selling and popular weighing scales that you can buy this year are listed below. Have a look and then choose the better one out there. 

#1 XPONION Spring balance

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For those users who are looking forward to buying a reliable, easy to use and extremely compact spring weighing scale for them, the XPONION Spring balance can be a perfect deal. Made up of highly durable material and perfectly balanced body, this is an ideal spring balance to travel with, and you can easily get better accuracy than the other cheap quality spring balances currently present in the market. 

This spring balance from XPONION is designed to measure the weigh up to 50 KG and is perfect for the automotive industry. And apart from the many plus points about the weighing scale, the best part is that doesn’t require any battery to operate and measure the weight. 

So, if you were after a durable and highly durable spring weighing scale for yourself, the XPONION Spring balance would be an ideal scale to go for. 


  • Easy to use 
  • Great build quality
  • Compact and easy to carry along


  • Spring quality could have better

#2 100 KG Pocket spring balance from NITIN Trading Company 

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IF you were planning to buy a compact and easier to use spring balance that not only has a better build but also is relatively more accurate than the other weighing of this size, this spring weighing scale from Nitin Trading Company will be an ideal scale for the price range. 

The affordable price, easy maintenance and highly durable build quality are the major USP od the product. 

Try your hands on it if you were planning for a compact yet reliable spring balance for yourself. Out of the many other reasons to include this in the list of most useful spring balances available in both local and online market, the best one is the weighing bearing capacity of the scale. Although the scale may look compact, it can easily measure the weight up to 100 KGs and if you were after a weighing scale for home purposes, this scale from Nitin Trading company would be the best choice to go with. 


  • Easy to use
  • Basic design, easy to maintain
  • Great for homeowners


  • None so far

#3 WTH Double spring balance

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For those buyers who are planning buy a reliable spring balance that not only has better usability but also offers better build quality and weighing capacity, the WTH double spring balance would be a great product to choose for. Apart from the design and performance, the WTH double spring balance has many other unique things that make it a perfect buy for the price. 

So, if you are willing to buy a spring balance and aren’t much interested to compromise with the quality, you should once consider the WTH double spring balance for yourself.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Great build quality
  • Durable metal construction


  • None so far

#4 Steel weighing balance from Dua Exports

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IF you have build quality and durability in mind, the DUA Exports’ spring balance would be a great choice to make. Apart from the build quality, there are several other points that make this scale better than other similar products available in online and offline market. 

With a complete steel construction and highly efficient spring quality, this balance offers the best accuracy in class and if you were looking to get the most valued product that is going to serve for many years without any fail, this spring balance from DUA Exports would be a worth considering product for you. 



  • Highly durable build quality and premium finish
  • Great for industries and shops
  • Portable design


  • Heavier than other scales

#5 WTH Tabular Spring Balance

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For those buyers who are after a unique scale that can help them get better measurements with ease, the WTH tabular spring balance will be the best choice to make. The product not only looks better than other options on the list but also offers better usability with unmatched durability. 

Due to the highly durable build quality, the WTH Tabular Spring balance has a better weighing capacity and you can use this for weighing the items up to 100 kG without any issue regarding the accuracy and durability. 

SO, if you aren’t into investing your money to buy a digital or bulkier scale for yourself, this tabular spring balance from WTH would be an ideal solution for you. Try it, and you aren’t going to be disappointed.


  • Great for the homeowners as well as the professionals
  • Compact yet highly durable
  • Greater accuracy


  • Reading measurements would be hard for the novice users

How to choose the ideal and most effective spring weighing scale 

Even though you now have a list of best spring weighing scales available to buy, it is still a matter of fact to choose the best and most effective one out of these. And this is where this brief buyer’s guide will come handy to you. This section tells you about those points that matter the most while purchasing a brilliant spring weighing scale. Go through below-listed points and know whether the particular spring weighing scale is a better deal for you, or not. 

  • Features

The first thing you need to consider while purchasing any type of modern weighing scale is the list of features. Unlike the previous generations of the weighing scales, modern products offer much more than just measuring the weight. Now the weighing scales are advanced and offer better accuracy than ever before. So, make sure that the spring weighing scale you are planning to choose has a better list of features than the other options available to buy in the market and is definitely a better choice to make. 

  • Efficiency/Usability

No matter which type of weighing scale you choose for yourself, the most important thing to consider is usability. Make sure that the weighing scale you are planning to purchase is easier to use and better and easy maintenance. By this, you will not have to consider repairing it repeatedly and won’t have to calibrate it before every use. 

  • User reviews

User reviews play another brilliant role in choosing the most ideal spring weighing scale. By referring to the genuine reviews, you can know about the accuracy, usability and many other points without actually buying the product. So, instead of relying on what the company promises about the product, be sure to go through the genuine user reviews for the product you are planning to buy and then decide accordingly whether you should buy the scale or not. 

  • Durability

The last point that you must consider while purchasing a perfect spring weighing scale is the durability. Make sure that the spring quality is optimum and you won’t have to worry about the item being weighed on the scale. By choosing the most durable scale for yourself, you can be sure of getting the best value and safety of your belongings. 

By keeping these points in mind while choosing the ideal spring weighing scale, you can easily get the best value for your money and find the best performer out of the list of the best scales currently in the market. 


So, this was a brief introduction and some recommendations for you if you were really willing to buy the spring weighing scales for yourself. Be sure that you are buying the scale with better accuracy and easy usability and you will be able to find the most suitable product for yourself that completely fulfills your needs and provide the best value.