Dr Trust Body Composition Analyser – Review & Buying Guide

There are many ways to track your health condition. You require the appropriate tools to do that. Moreover, visiting a doctor every time is not a viable choice too. In order to keep ourselves fit, it is required of us to maintain our body weight also.  Human body weight is closely related to the health condition of a person. There are many devices available in the market. Complicated technology used in such devices is not conducive to people who do not understand the jargon. In this regard, the best available machine that can offer you comprehensive support in terms of health and well being is the Body Composition Monitor. 

A Body Composition Scale helps in effectively tracking the essential body components. It helps in determining the body fat percentage with that of the muscle tissues. This tool is a comprehensive one that shall help you make informed decisions about your lifestyle. Of course, keeping fit requires you to reduce excessive fat. This machine shall help you reach the goal with a sheer purpose. Health-related problems due to overweight have increased in the country. The catastrophic sicknesses like diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases are more inflicting damages among the people these days. Having such a tool is of vital importance in maintaining your family’s health. 

People in India have a liking for food. And the types of food that we intake in a day has no boundaries. It has a direct impact on body fluids. If a specific tool can identify the imbalance in the body, it must be of prime importance to be present at home. Such a device is the Body composition monitor. Also, the body’s critical analysis is made easy through the reports such devices shall generate with synchronized mobile applications. Dr. Trust Digital Electronic smart Weighing scale can be of excellent support in this regard.

Dr. Trust (USA) Fitness Body Fat Analyzer 

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Dr. Trust is a renowned leader in health care products. From the fraternity of experts, there emerged a product that shall keep your life healthy throughout. The Digital Smart electronic Body Composition Analyser is an incredible device that can set the tone for your fitness goals. The tool helps track 18 essential body components that include the following. 

  1. Body Weight
  2. BMI
  3. BFR
  4. Muscle Mass
  5. Bone Mass
  6. Moisture
  7. BMR
  8. Visceral Fat and
  9. Body Fat

The insights of these and much more are easily trackable using this machine. This device is versatile as it is wireless. You have to connect the system to your cell phone through Bluetooth. The mobile application that comes for free with the product gives exact data about your health condition. It shall be in the form of infographics, and that makes it even delectable.

Moreover, the data is more accurate in this device that you can make informed decisions to keep your health condition on track. The device has four robust high precision sensors. It shall ensure the accuracy of the reading to the second digit in the reading. This feature makes the machine highly reliable for your usage. It is ideally available and designed for beginners in the gym, homemakers, sports lovers, fitness enthusiasts, and health-conscious people. The high precision strain gauge sensors do the trick in this machine. The machine can display the reading with an increment range of 0.5 kilograms. It makes the device highly accurate. The combination of precision sensors and the readability scale makes the device the most sought after.

The mobile application that is available on the Google Play store is free to download. This application can store the metrics every time you measure your body composition. Also, the BCA helps you to track your progress too. You can set your goals and act accordingly. With the massive results, it can show, you will be able to make use of it to change anything that hampers your growth. The application can store data up to 8 users. It is the reason it is called a versatile monitor that should be a must-have item for every home. The more good news for you is, Dr. Trust Digital Electronic Body Composition monitor is rechargeable with your USB cable. Yes, this feature makes it highly portable, and you can use it any time you want. The secure charging mechanism makes it convenient too. You have to step on it to power it on. The Auto-off feature also saves the battery running time. 



  • The weighing scale has an ultra-sleek body that helps you to carry it anywhere


  • Incredible Mobile Application offers useful data 
  • The tempered glass body makes it highly durable
  • The powerful four sensors that are available in the machine provides an accurate reading
  • The readability scale gives with an increment of 0.05kg
  • You can charge this device with your regular phone charger too
  • Extra-large LCD screen





  • The device needs to be set with correct measurements, if not it shall show different results




  • The sleek body comes with a very lightweight feature


  • Low power consumption feature allows you to measure your Body Composition for a long time 
  • The 2.0 scale ensures incomparable accuracy to all the readings
  • The device measures 18 essential body components
  • The Mobile application tracks up to 8 users’ data





  • The weight of the device is 1.36 kilograms


  • The dimensions of the device is 30.2 cm x 24 cm x 0.2 cm
  • 4 Power sensors available in the device
  • The device uses Bluetooth to connect with your phone
  • The capacity is up to 180 kilograms




It is a fantastic product to keep it at your house. It is close to a doctor who can prescribe specific diet plans with the mobile application’s help. The price is also affordable, and that makes it even more attractive. If you are planning to live a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Trust Digital Electronic Weighing scale must be at your house.