Dr. Trust Digital Weighing Scale with Temperature Display Review

Dr. Trust is one of the most trusted brands in the country for its outstanding medical devices. It constantly focuses on developing new devices with the latest technologies to offer a better experience to the users. Dr. Trust digital weighing machine is a perfect device for you if you are looking for a convenient digital weighing machine to meet your fitness goals. This device is ideal for tracking your weight loss and keep you inspired for your workouts. The portable device is capable of measuring your weight up to 2-digit precision. There is a 500mAh battery to power the device and let you use it for a long time. Once the battery is fully charged, you can use the weighing machine for months. 

Dr Trust Electronic Platinum Rechargeable Digital Personal Weighing Scale for Human Body with Temperature Display

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Also, the weighing machine comes with a high-quality USB cable for convenient charging. The easy to read LCD screen displays the weight, room temperature, and battery level for better usability. There is an inbuilt temperature sensor in this device to let you track the room temperature effortlessly. The weighing machine uses patented Accu-gauge technology to offer matchless accuracy. Further, this machine is simple to use than you think because it will show the accurate weight when you stand on it. Because of the ultra-slim design, the weighing machine is easy to carry and use. 

Since sturdy tempered glass is used in the making of this weighing machine, it is durable and offers high performance. Further, the brilliant design is ideal for improving your home décor. The corners of this weighing machine are rounded for safety. Because of this, you will not get injured while using the device. Also, the Dr. Trust brand is reliable and passionate about innovating advanced technologies. With premium manufacturing methods, the brand produces the best quality medical devices for people. Moreover, the Dr. Trust brand is popular for its quality medical devices that are used by both professional and normal users. Further, the products of this brand offer accurate results and are easy to use. So, you can easily rely on this weighing scale to achieve your fitness goals.   

This rechargeable digital weighing machine comes with an auto-off function that turns off the device automatically when it is not in use. This way, it enhances the battery performance of the device. There is an overload indication feature in this weighing scale that informs you when you put more weight than the maximum weight capacity of the device. The low battery indication feature reminds you to recharge the battery. The maximum weight capacity of the Dr. Trust weight scale is 180 kg. Therefore, by using this weighing machine, you won’t feel any difficulties in measuring your accurate weight.  

This weighing machine is lightweight and portable to enable you to use it efficiently. The main advantage of using the Dr. trust electronic weighing scale is that it has a temperature sensor to measure your room temperature. Excluding these, there are many other features in this weighing machine that can improve your overall experience. Those who need a personal weighing scale to track their weight and achieve their health goals can try this device. This electronic device is capable of showing your actual weight in no time. This device is ideal for use in your daily workouts because it has a sturdy construction and brilliant design. 

The Dr. Trust digital weighing scale is a durable and long-lasting device to let you measure your weight effectively. This device comes with many useful features that make it easier to use. The simple design LCD screen shows the results in large numbers so that you can read that in no time. Further, the built-in temperature display makes this product more reliable and interesting to use. It has strong tempered glass construction with a unique grey finish that can offer a better look at your room. If you don’t like the weighing scales with sharp edges, then this product is the right choice for you because its edges are curved. So those who are looking for the best weighing machine for their fitness goals can consider using this product.   

Therefore, Dr. Trust electronic weighing scale is great for people who need a convenient device to track their weight and achieve their fitness goals. The device gives impressive results that make people happy and let them enjoy their workouts. The temperature sensor that comes with this weighing scale offers accurate results so that you can easily know your room temperature. With a dimension of 28 x 29 x 3 centimeters, this weighing machine is a compact device and ideal for use in any room of your home. Because it is made in India and suitable for Indian people, you no need to worry about the performance of this product. Further, this weighing machine is known for its sturdy construction and unique design. 

The powerful battery of this device offers excellent performance to allow you to use it without any hassle. Also, it is easy to charge this battery because this device comes with a USB cable. Since it comes with an auto-off feature, the battery will last for a long time and offer matchless performance. The rugged tempered glass construction makes this weighing scale highly durable and offers a unique experience. This advantage of this device makes it ideal for those who need a portable and durable weighing scale for their use. If you still can’t decide on buying this awesome weighing machine, then here are the features, specifications, pros, and cons of this product to help you to make the right decision for you.     


  • The weighing scale comes with low battery and overload detection features for ease of use. 
  • It measures the weight accurately for a better experience. 
  • The durable and slim design makes it an excellent choice for many people. 
  • There is no sharp edge in this weighing machine to prevent injuries.
  • It has a unique design that makes it suitable for use in any home.  


  • As per some users, this brand provides poor service. 


  • This weighing scale includes a 500mAh battery to let you use the device for a long time once it is fully charged. 
  • The temperature sensor offers accurate temperature readings to improve your experience. 
  • It has a slim and portable design for easy carrying. 
  • This device is made of 6mm thick tempered glass to offer high stability and durability. 
  • The edges of this weighing machine are curved to prevent injuries while using it. 
  • There is an auto-off function to switch off the device automatically after using and improve battery performance. 


  • Dr. Trust weighing machine has a weight capacity of 180 kg and shows the results in both kg and pounds. 
  • The device indicates the user when the battery is low, or it experiences more weight than its maximum capacity. 
  • The temperature sensor offers high accuracy and lets you know your room temperature in no time. 
  • This weighing scale has a strong and durable construction so that you can use it without any hassle. 
  • The LCD screen comes with a blue color backlight so that you can read the results efficiently.
  • It is compatible with the USB drive to allow you to charge the device with ease.