Healthgenie Electronic Digital Weighing Scale, bathroom personal weighing scale

Healthgenie is one of the most popular brands when it comes to weighing scales. The brand has been in the market for many years, and it is known for its excellent looking accurate bathroom personal weighing scale. If you plan to purchase this particular model from Healthgenie, then hold on and go through this review first. We have covered all the pros and cons and the detailed list of features associated with this weighing scale.

Before we move on to the features of this weighing scale, we want to mention that it is available in a black coloured top. The look and feel of the weighing scale are excellent, and it feels sturdy. You would not have to worry about the weighing scale’s cost since you will find it at a price point of around Rs 1000. At this price, you are getting a reliable and best weighing scale, which is one of the most preferred choices of people in India. Let us know go ahead and check out the best features of this weighing scale.

Healthgenie Electronic Digital Weighing Scale

Healthgenie Electronic Digital Weighing Scale

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  • Power Source – One thing that we dislike about the weighing scales is CR 2032 batteries. It can get challenging to find those batteries, and hence you may lose track of your progress. 2 AAA batteries power this weighing scale. AAA batteries are very easy to find, and they are almost everywhere in the house. These are also the batteries used in remote, so replacing the batteries is never a challenge. You would not have to struggle with finding CR 2032 batteries for this weighing scale. 
  • Temperature – Sometimes, we plan our outfit and our day based on the temperature. Moreover, knowing the temperature of the room enables you to set the heating or the cooling accurately. Unfortunately, mobile phones are not equipped with a temperature sensor. In this case, the weighing scale from Health Genie will prove to be of great help as the display unit of this weighing scale displays the surrounding temperature.
  • Auto On/Step-on Technology – Another feature of this weighing scale that we love is using step-on technology. The weighing scale turns on itself as soon as you step on it and it will display the weight almost instantaneously. The weighing scale also turns off after you have used it. This feature helps in the battery’s conservation, and it also stops you from bending down to turn off the weighing scale manually.
  • Easy to Read Display – The display of the weighing scale is large, making it easy for you to check the readings. The display also shows the battery levels along with the temperature. The contrast ratio of the display is also very high, and you would not have any difficulty in taking the readings even in a very brightly lit room. The battery indicator will tell you when the scale is about to run out of the battery, and this way, you can purchase the batteries in advance.
  • Capacity – The maximum weight capacity of this weighing scale is 180 Kgs, and you do not have to worry about the sensors even if you overload the weighing scale. In such situations, the weighing scale would tell you that the weight on the scale is more than the capacity and hence it will prevent any damage to the circuit. Ideally, 180 Kg is a great capacity, and you can easily measure the weight of heavy objects.
  • Sturdy Glass Top – The platform of this weighing scale measures 26 cm x 26 cm, and it has rounded edges as well. The platform is designed with tempered glass, which is exceptionally durable. You can store the weighing scale easily without having to worry about shattering the glass. The rounded edges nullify the chances of any injury. Another feature of the platform is that it has an anti-skid coating that ensures that you do not slip even if you are stepping on it with wet feet.


  • Warranty Policy – Since the brand had been there in the market for a long time, it has established itself in customer support. The brand quickly addresses the concerns or issues, and it also has a warranty policy of 12 months on it. This type of warranty policy safeguards your purchase from any manufacturing defects.
  • Small Graduation – When you are on a diet, even the slightest loss of weight tends to motivate you. If you are also on a diet, then this weighing scale can of great help. This scale has a small graduation of just 50 grams, and hence it notices the slightest of body weight change.
  • Precise & Accurate – The G sensors used in this weighing scale are very accurate. The gauge sensors are integrated with the sense gravity zero technique, and this feature displays accurate results for you. You can go ahead and use the weighing scale without having to worry about inaccurate results.
  • Display & Platform – We have talked about this point in the features section of the page. The weighing scale display has a high contrast ratio. The platform has an anti-skid coating, and the round edges of the weighing scale enhance your safety. The tempered glass is tough, and hence it doesn’t break because of heavy loads.
  • Auto Calibration – This weighing scale also features auto-calibration. You do not have to a lot to calibrate the scale. All you need to do is to step on the weighing scale until you get the reading. Now, step-off and wait until the display shows a zero reading. The calibration has been done, and you can directly measure the weight.


Backlight – One thing that we didn’t like about this model from Healthgenie is the absence of the backlight in the weighing scale. The lack of a backlight in the display makes it slightly challenging to check the weight in a dark room. In such a case, you would need to use the flashlight from the mobile to review the reading, or you would have to turn on a light in the room.