Healthsense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale

The next smart weighing machine on this list is from the HealthSense brand. This brand is popular in the Indian market for its stylish and efficient products. The useful features and high-quality construction make the products of the HealthSense brand easy to use. This weighing scale is suitable for keeping you healthy by tracking your body weight efficiently. The best thing about this weight machine is that it measures other parameters of your body apart from just measuring the weight. Therefore, this weighing scale is an excellent option for measuring the changes in your body. With this weighing machine, you can easily meet your fitness goals because it can measure all the body parameters effectively. It uses Bioelectric Impedance Analysis and sense-on technology to indicate the body fat and let you maintain your health conveniently.

HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale

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Another advantage of the HealthSense BS 171 weighing scale is that it can be connected with the Fitdays app via Bluetooth technology. This way, this weight machine allows you to monitor your health without any effort. The weighing scale uses 2 AAA batteries to operate the device efficiently. The HealthSense weighing machine can measure from 5 to 180 kg to let your family members track their weight with no worries. Therefore, low to heavy-weight people can use this device to measure their body parameters effectively. Moreover, the weighing machine comes with 24 user profiles so that all your family members can use the device effortlessly. So, if you have this device with you, then you no need to buy separate weighing scales for all your family members.  

This weighing machine can measure up to 13 BMI Features like body parameters to let you monitor your health effectively. The body composition parameters that can be measured by this device include BMR, water percentage, body fat, metabolic age, weight, visceral fat, BMI, muscle mass, bone mass, and many more. This way, the weighing scale can monitor your health efficiently. Since this weighing machine is made for Indian usage, you can use it for monitoring your health with no worries. Moreover, it is a reliable device and suitable for anyone looking for a good weighing machine in India.  

The HalthSense BIS 171 weighing scale has a compact and convenient size that allows you to stand on it comfortably and measure your body parameters. Also, the lightweight design makes it effortless to carry this device wherever you need it. It measures all the body parameters that are important for your health to provide you with a complete analysis of your body. By doing this, it makes sure that you are fit and healthy. Therefore, if you buy this weighing scale, then you can easily track your health issues and solve them. The toughened glass construction makes the surface of this device strong and durable for a better experience. 

Another advantage of this weighing scale is that it comes with a baby mode feature to let your weigh your baby without any hassle. In this mode, you can weigh yourself and then hold your baby to measure the weight. This mode is also applicable to your pets. Because of this feature, this weighing machine becomes one of the best weighing machines to use for the whole family. Moreover, there is a goal-setting mode in this device that lets you set your goal and achieve your target weight effectively.

The weighing scale also has an athlete mode that enables people who exercise more than three times a week to monitor their body parameters conveniently. With all these features, the BIS 171 weighing machine is great for people to regulate their health. Apart from the Fitdays app, the weighing machine is also compatible with other fitness apps so that you can use it with no issues. If you are looking for a digital weighing machine with useful features to track your body parameters, then this device is perfect for you. The user-friendly design makes it more attractive and efficient to use for your fitness goals. 

The weighing scale comes with two AAA batteries that operate the device efficiently for a long time. With a unique design, the BIS 171 weighing machine provides excellent performance and lets you track your body composition parameters efficiently. Also, it provides friendly customer support to the users to let them enjoy using the device. The device also has no sharp edges to ensure that you don’t get injured while using it. Further, it takes only 12 seconds to start, connect, and check your body parameters with this device. So, every morning you can simply use this device and analyze your health easily.       

This weighing machine comes with four sensors and four electrodes to measure the body parameters efficiently. Further, you can operate this device conveniently from your android and IOS mobile using the Fitdays mobile app. This weighing scale is also durable because it is made of high-quality tempered glass. It is approved by FDA, RoHS, and CE for safety, so you can rely on this product to get accurate results of your workouts. Further, the excellent features, stylish design, and advanced technology make this weighing scale an efficient tool for any person. Those who are looking for a portable and convenient weighing machine to track their health can consider buying this product.          


  • The HealthSense BIS 171 weighing machine is compatible with the Fitdays app for easy operation. 
  • There are four high-quality electrodes and four sensors to offer high accuracy. 
  • This weighing machine is ideal for monitoring the health of your whole family. 
  • A 1-year warranty is included on this weighing machine. 
  • It can measure up to 13 body composition parameters to let you monitor your health effortlessly. 
  • The weighing machine comes with Bioelectric Impedance Analysis technology that measures the body fat effectively.  


  • None so far


  • The HealthSense BIS 171 weighing scale comes with premium quality sensors and electrodes to measure the weight and other body parameters properly. 
  • It uses sense-on technology to give you accurate results in no time.
  • This weighing scale is designed for the Indian people to let them monitor their health conveniently.
  • It supports the Fitdays app so that you can operate this device from your android and IOS device effortlessly. 
  • This weighing machine allows you to track your body parameters from your mobile phone using Bluetooth technology
  • The BIS 171 weighing machine allows all you and your family members to monitor their health because it can store the data of up to 24 users. 


  • This digital weighing scale weighs only 1.2 kg to let you carry it to any location with no worries. 
  • The maximum weight measuring capacity of this device is 180 kg, which is ideal for most families. 
  • It is made of high-quality glass material to offer better performance and make your health monitoring task effortless.
  • The dimensions of the BIS 171 weighing machine are 25.9 x 25.9 x 2.1 centimeters that make this device ideal for use in any location.
  • The device has a baby mode that lets you weigh your baby and pets using it with no hassle. 
  • The sensors used in the BIS 171 weighing scale are skid-proof because of rubberized design and provide accurate results for a better user experience.