Healthsense PS 126 Weighing Scale – Price, Review & Buying Guide

One thing that we neglect about when going for a weight transformation journey is the tracking of weight. We all tend to count the calories, food variants, and nutrition but then neglect the need for regular weight tracking.

This is where having a personal scale can help body fat analyzer on a daily base. Having a digital nutrition scale will help you record the progress and track them out for a practical approach to weight loss.  We here look into Healthsense PS 126, an ultra-lite personal scale and seek all that we need to know about it. Read along. 

Healthsense PS 126 – Best Selling Weighing Scale

Healthsense PS 126 is one of the ultra-lite machines that come along in plastic body allowing it to be pretty light. It features a user-friendly ‘Step-on’ technology allowing you to have quick and easy to read results. It features four precision sensors allowing for an accurate bit of measurement. And with the pricing quite fair, this seems like a win-win deal for you. We’ll have a brief look at its features down below. 

This one has an impressive design set that accentuates any interior setting and environment. This is the best healthsense weighing machine which has a lightweight plastic base and is in a dark grey colour base. It comes with a non-slip plastic surface and has a modern amenity look to it. It boasts of 3.5-inch based LCD screen which is illuminated by the cool black backlight and has a white digit marking for reading which makes sure you can read the metrics even in the dimmest of the lights. 

Best Features Of Healthsense PS 126

Here are some of the best features of Healthsense PS 126 weighing scale.

Four Precision Sensors

Heathsense has equipped this scale with four precision sensors which allows for a user-friendly tracking and accurate reading. It has four high-gauze based precision G sensors allowing you to measure up to 180 kgs.

Step-On Technology

Next up is the step-on technology which allows for quick activation of the machine and gives you accurate results about your weight. With this Step-on system, you don’t have to tap into it and wait for it to calibrate to the settings. Just lay it down on any hard flat surface and then you can simply weigh yourself on it. 

Auto Power – Off

This one comes with an auto-power off option which helps to save the battery. Once you are done weighing yourself, all you have to do is step back from it and the scale will auto shut-off. It’s quite an alluring feature to have. 

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Healthsense PS 126 Review

Healthsense PS 126 is an update on its previous model and is certainly a good piece to have for. It features a dark grey colour base that stands on the borderline of being a modern design and a barren look. But with the light body and high-quality non-slip design, this one certainly sets the tone.

The accuracy on this one is great as one it is calibrated it shows accurate readings all throughout. The weight displayed on the LCD screen is visible and legible with the white fonts on it. It’s super bright and helps you to even toggle between kg or pounds as per your liking.