Healthsense Ultra-Lite PS 126 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale

This is another excellent weighing scale from the HealthSense brand. Being a popular brand in the healthcare industry, HealthSense produces a range of products for people. Since 2014, this is a renowned brand in the country and offers the best quality products for use. This weighing machine is ideal for balancing your weight effectively. The main advantage of this product is that it is made of non-breakable ABS plastic material to offer high durability. Since it is lightweight, you can carry this device easily to different places. With the step-on technology, the weighing machine can deliver accurate results to let you meet your fitness goals. No matter what exercise you do, this body weighing scale can offer the best results. 

HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale

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Whether you use it in the bathroom, living room, or gym, this weighing machine can let you track your health effectively. With the auto-calibration feature, this weighing scale is easy to use. Moreover, this machine device comes with an auto-off feature to save the battery when not in use. The handy features of this weighing scale make it simpler to use. There are premium quality G sensors in this to offer accurate readings so that you can monitor your health easily. If you are looking to buy a superior weighing machine for your workouts, then this is the right product for you. 

The lightweight design and excellent facilities of this body weighing scale let the user use the device with no worries. The device has a weight capacity of 5 kg to 180 kg, which is ideal for most people. It also offers the weight readings in pounds for your convenience. Because there is a large LCD screen on this device, you can easily read the readings. The backlight feature increases the convenience of this device. Apart from that, this product is available at an affordable price and provides reliable results. For fitness conscious people, this weighing scale is an excellent thing to opt for. With this device, you can balance your diet and daily life to meet your fitness goals.   

This high-quality weighing machine uses two AAA alkaline batteries to offer high performance for a long time. Because of this design, you can use this machine for your weight measurement without any hassle. There is a low battery indicator feature in this device to let you know when the battery is down. This feature displays LO on the LCD screen so that you can understand it and replace the battery if needed. Further, it shows the results in three units, such as kg, pounds, and stone, to offer a better user experience. The personal body weighing scale has a stylish design that makes it more convenient to use. 

Since the maximum weight capacity of this weighing scale is 180 kg, it will show ERR if the weight is more than that. Furthermore, this machine ideal for daily use, so you can use it to check your weight every morning. This way, you can track your weight using this device and maintain your diet to get your desired weight. The slim design allows the user to use it effectively. The thickness of this weighing scale is around 30mm, which makes it highly portable and efficient to use. Also, it is ideal for use in the gym, bathroom, living room, and any other place conveniently. 

It comes with a user manual and a one-year warranty to let you use the device excellently without any issue. So, you can rely on this product to get accurate weight measurement results every day. The ABS material construction makes this device durable and long-lasting to offer a better experience to the user. If you are looking for a personal body weighing scale and want to carry it with you to different places, then the PS 126 weighing scale from the HealthSense brand is the right choice for you. Further, it comes with lots of features to offer a better experience. 

With a unique grey color body and lightweight design, this device is suitable for use in any room in your home conveniently. The wider platform offers high convenience to the user to stand and measure the weight using this device. Therefore, by using this unique device, you can achieve your fitness goals easily. It is specially engineered with quality and safety in mind to allow you to stay fit and healthy using this device. Further, the step on technology improves its convenience and lets you use it with less effort. Because of the large LCD screen and fonts, you read the results on the screen easily in no time. The brand also provides excellent customer support for better usability.     

Since it comes with anti-slip feet, you can use the weighing machine on a wet or dry surface with ease. Moreover, the anti-skid silicone pads offer high stability to measure the weight with no worries. The unique design of the device offers a better experience to the user. Because there is a one-year warranty on this product, you can use this weighing scale with no worries. The portable design and compact size of this device allow the user to use it conveniently. So, you can consider using this product if you are looking for a sturdy and lightweight weighing machine for daily use.     


  • The PS 126 digital weighing scale is made of high-grade ABS plastic to offer high durability and performance. 
  • The auto-off feature makes the weighing machine energy efficient to let you use it for a long time. 
  • The weighing scale is made for Indian use to offer better performance. 
  • It comes with batteries to enable you to use the device effectively.
  • This device has a lightweight design to let you carry it from one location to another efficiently. 
  • There are high precision G sensors in this weighing scale to provide accurate results with a tolerance of 100 grams.   


  • As per some users, this warranty of this product is not that useful. 


  • The PS 126 digital weighing machine is made of sturdy ABS plastic material to offer improved durability and safety while using the product. 
  • It comes with a step-on technology that activates the machine instantly when you stand on it and shows the readings. 
  • There are three measuring units in this weighing scale to offer high convenience to you. 
  • The large LCD screen shows the numbers properly for ease of reading. 
  • There are anti-skid feet to keep the scale stable and safe while using. 
  • It has an anti-slip surface to offer high grip to your feet so that you can stand on it without any hassle. 


  • The weight of the PS 126 weighing scale is only 1.12 kg for ease of carrying. 
  • It has a flat surface with sufficient space to let you stand on it efficiently.
  • The auto-calibration feature and the step-on technology offers better performance to enable you to measure your weight accurately. 
  • There is a backlight feature on the LCD screen to allow you to see the results effectively. 
  • The weighing machine has high precision G sensors to let you measure your weight accurately with no issues. 
  • The dimensions of the PS 126 weighing scale are 35 x 35.5 x 5.5 centimeters, which are sufficient to stand on it comfortably.