HNESS Electronic Digital Personal Bathroom Scale

If you are looking for an affordable bathroom scale, you can check out the weighing scale from HNESS. This is one of the most inexpensive bathroom scales that you will find in the market. There are no compromises on the features, and hence you would not have to make any trade-off. This weighing scale from HNESS is very accurate, and it also has excellent precision. Changing the battery is also easy, and hence you will find it to be the right product for your home. 

HNESS Thick Tempered Glass LCD Display Digital Personal Bathroom Health Body Weight Weighing Scales

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To help you decide if you should purchase this bathroom scale or not, we have listed a detailed review of the HNESS Weighing Scale. In the section below, you can check out the detailed feature and the bathroom scale’s pros & cons. Go ahead and check out the details below.

Features HNESS Electronic Digital Personal Bathroom Scale

  • Step On Technology – First and the best feature of this weighing scale is the step-on technology. This feature enables the machine to start weighing machine automatically as soon as you step on it. After 10 seconds of inactivity, the weighing scale turns itself off. Moreover, this feature enables power saving, as well. You do not have to calibrate the weighing scale as it calibrates itself whenever you take your weight.
  • Glass Platform – Another thing that we love about this scale is the glass platform. It has a beautiful black panel glass that has a white print on it. The size of the glass is decent, and you can stand comfortably on it. The brand also uses toughened glass, making it easy for you to store and use the weighing scale. The glass has a special coating on it, ensuring that you do not slip when your feet are wet or when you have your socks on. 
  • Weight Capacity – The weighing scale’s maximum weight capacity is 180 Kg, and hence you would not have any trouble with that. You can even use the weighing scale to measure the weight of the luggage. The scale measures accurately to the level of 100 grams, so the precision will not be an issue either. The G sensors are very sensitive, and they can measure the slightest change in your body weight. It is an excellent weighing machine for people who need to track their weight because of diet or medical issues.
  • Display – The display of this weighing scale is very clear and wide. The display is easy to read and what we love about the display is that it comes with a backlight. You can take the readings even when the room is dark. If you are using this weighing scale, then there would be no issues in taking the readings. The display also shows the battery levels, and it also lets you know when the weighing scale is overloaded.
  • Different Units – Some of the weighing scales do not have an option to change the measurement units. The good thing about the weighing scale is that you can switch units between Kg and pounds. This adds a lot of versatility when you need weights in different units. It eliminates the need to use the conversion tools to change the units.
  • Patterns & Colours – This scale from HNESS is available in multiple colours and patterns. These colours look very elegant, and they do not look ugly at all. You can keep the weighing scale in plain sight, and it would not be an eyesore. You would not have to worry about hiding the weighing scale when guests are over for a catch-up. The best colour is the black colour which comes with a white flower pattern on it.


  • Accurate – The Gauge sensors used in this weighing scale are sensitive. You get accurate readings every time. The graduations on this weighing scale are of 100 grams each, and hence the precision levels are also good. You can rely on this weighing scale. To calibrate the weighing scale, you need to step on the weighing scale and get off until the reading is 0. Once that is done, the weighing scale calibrates itself automatically. 
  • Price – The next thing that we loved about this weighing scale is the price at which this is available. It has a retail price of around Rs 1000, and it is usually available at a 25% discount. At such a price point, this weighing scale proves to be very affordable. The reliability, coupled with a reasonable price, certainly makes the right choice for you.
  • Backlight Display – Like mentioned earlier, the advantage of buying this weighing scale is that the display of this weighing scale comes with a backlight. The backlight helps you in taking the reading in low light conditions. Many of the expensive weighing scales have this feature missing, but we are glad that this weighing scale has backlight integrated display.
  • Anti-Skid Paddings – When you step on the weighing scale, some of the scales tend to get shaky. That is a big problem, and the brand has improved the design to avoid such a situation. There are four sturdy anti-skid pads at the bottom of the weighing scale, ensuring that the scale remains stable. These anti-skid pads also ensure that the scale doesn’t slip while you are using the weighing scale.
  • Compact & Sturdy – The weighing scale is compact, and at the same time, it is very sturdy. The tempered glass is tough, and it doesn’t shatter with weight. You can have complete peace of mind when you are using the weighing scale. Since the scale is made of glass, you do not have to worry about rusting either. You can go ahead and use the weighing scale for the long term without any malfunctions.


  • No Warranty – There isn’t much that we dislike about this weighing scale except for one thing. The weighing scale doesn’t come with any warranty. Amazon offers a ten-day replacement or return policy on the weighing scale, but the brand provides nothing. You should not be worried about the guarantee since people have not reported any issues with this weighing scale’s long-term usage.