Hoffen HO 18 Digital Electronic LCD Personal Body Fitness Weighing Scale

Maintaining optimum body weight is of prime importance for a healthy life. It is not always about the weight loss regime you follow, and it is also about the food that we intake. However, monitoring body weight becomes essential in this process. Checking, tracking, and making changes to your food plans is considered prudent in any health regime. A weighing scale plays a vital role in this context. On the contrary, if the bodyweight is not maintained to its optimum levels, possibilities of health issues are many. Keeping a weighing scale at home helps you avoid all such complications. 

Losing weight is not easy unless we know what the optimum range our body must-have is. The human body has many elements, and each of them has its own importance. Every element needs to function seamlessly. If that happens, then you are living a healthy lifestyle. In a country like India, where food is given more priority on every occasion, maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires specific tools. If you can check your weight at regular intervals, it shall provide you with a clear indication of your health state. Also, keeping yourself fit shall offer you the benefits as listed below. 

  1. The body shall effectively circulate the blood.
  2. The body optimally utilizes the body fluids.
  3. You can never fall prey to sicknesses like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.
  4. You will certainly have more energy throughout the day.

Keeping this in mind, experts suggest purchasing a weighing scale that can help you track bodyweight consistently. It shall help you follow a perfect health regime day in and day out. A weighing scale shall help you set fitness goals too. It would be best if you had an ideal companion like this tool that can offer incredible support in maintaining your health. Keeping yourself updated with bodyweight is an essential task, and you must need an apt tool for that. Hoffen Digital Weighing Scale shall be the best choice for budget based buyers.

Hoffen HO-18 Digital Electronic Weighing Scale 

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Hoffen India is famous for its high precision fitness tools that they manufacture under expert guidance. The top class weighing scales provided by them so far have been accurate in their readings. This digital Electronic Weighing scale comes from the same fraternity that offers reliability and accuracy to the highest levels. The human body is also quite vulnerable to change shape when excessive fat adds to the body. It is our responsibility to reduce it and maintain top-class fitness. The weighing scale comes with fantastic benefits, and the good news is it is highly portable. That means to say, and you can carry it when you are touring too. For the top-notch durability, the weighing scale got tempered glass material. This aspect makes the machine durable. 

The excellent strain gauge sensor system gives accurate results all the time. The readings are accurate to the precise unit, and the large LCD can provide bright light. The combination of tempered glass and high-quality sensors makes this weighing scale the best in the market. Also, the price being affordable, it makes the product attractive too. The weighing scale is instructed to place on a hard surface to get the correct results. Also, the Auto ON and Off feature in the weighing scale reduces the power consumption as well. The product is named for its long life span. It can be a one-time investment for your family’s well being. 

It is always clear that keeping track of your body weight is impossible unless you have the right equipment. Hoffen Digital Electronic Weighing scale makes the job easy for you. The digital body fitness equipment helps you track your body weight consistently. The strong bearing tempered glass as the body allows you to store it anywhere without any worry. There is no possibility of the device getting damaged. The display screen is worth to be mentioned here. It displays the weight and the temperature too. You do not have to strain your back by bending. This display is s clear that you can view it clearly by standing too. The Auto power off feature is the best, and this weighing scale can measure between 2.3 kilograms to 180 kilograms. The device comes with an overload indicator too. A high profile weighing scale with affordable cost is the best choice for your house.


  • The product comes with affordable price
  • The strain gauge sensor system makes the device highly accurate in its readings
  • The body of the weighing scale is made of tempered glass which makes it durable
  • The sturdy body is scratch-free too


  • It is a basic weighing scale that displays only the bodyweight
  • The readings can vary if you shake the machine and replace it in another location


  • The high precision sensors are available in the system
  • The tempered glass makes it damage-free
  • The slim design makes it portable too
  • The bearing platform is strong and comes with an overload indicator
  • The high-class digital display panel
  • The Auto Power-off feature makes the battery consumption less


  • The weighing scale capacity is between 2.3 kilograms to 180 kilograms
  • Product Dimension is 28 x 28 x 4 cm
  • The size of the display is 75mm x 30mm
  • The scale can show a difference of 300 to 500 grams of your weight


Hoffen Electronic Display weighing machine is an affordable product. It has the features that a basic weighing scale must-have. The best aspect of the machine is its durability. The tool is reliable in its readings. However, the difference is more when compared to other devices. Also, the product is convenient to use because of its slim design. It can help you to carry it wherever you want. Battery consumption technology is also commendable. If your priority is to monitor your weight and make decisions about your lifestyle. It is a cost-effective bet. Moreover, this product being reliable, it can be a one-time investment. Such devices are a must to a house. And it comes at a reasonable price. s