Lifetrons (Slinky Lite) Smart Body Composition Digital Weighing Scale and Fat Analyser

Smart Body Scales are great since they can help you in tracking your weight directly on the phone. If you are looking for one such reliable smart body scale, you can check out this option from Lifetrons. The brand has been selling two products. One of them is this smart weighing scale, and the second one is a fitness tracker. Today, we have reviewed this weighing scale for you so that you can decide if you should buy the scale or if you should consider something else for yourself. You can check out the features in the section below to see what this weighing scale offers you.

Lifetrons Smart Body Composition Scale 

Lifetrons (Slinky Lite) Smart Body Composition Digital Weighing Scale

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  • Measures 11 Parameters – This weighing scale can measure 11 parameters, including your weight. The other parameters that this weighing scale can measure are visceral fat, muscle mass, hydration levels, protein %, metabolic age, fat mass, bone mass, subcutaneous fat, BMI & BMR. These parameters can be critical, especially if you are trying to lose weight. For example, you must know your BMR to follow a diet and accordingly, you would need to consume calories.
  • Syncs with Smart Phone – The weighing machine has Bluetooth connectivity to connect the weighing scale to the phone. Once the weighing scale is connected to the phone, it will sync your data to the phone. This eliminates the need for manually tracking the data. You can sync your data on Google Fit or Apple Health Kit. You can also download the Lifetron Health User App and use it for tracking purpose.
  • Multi-User Profile – Since you would be tracking the data on the phone, it becomes essential to have different user profiles. In the absence of user profiles, the weighing scale would end up mixing the data for everyone. The good news is that this weighing scale enables you to create multiple profiles. You can make up to 10 user profiles so that each of your family members can track their data on their phone.
  • Support for Dietician – If you are a nutritionist or a dietician, it is even more critical to provide the right data and support to your clients. This is something that the clients love, and it can help you in getting a brownie point. The brand has a specially designed app for dieticians that they can use to track and monitor clients’ progress. The application can also generate professional reports for your clients with your logo and clinic name. The application is free for use. Dieticians can manage workout, provide diet plan, track progress, video call clients, take down notes and create goals for their clients.
  • Weight Capacity – This scale’s weight capacity is 180 Kg, and it is equipped with a high precision sensor to take the weight accurately. Other features of this weighing scale include Auto On & Off Feature, Low battery warning, Auto Calibration and high speed Bluetooth connectivity. The weighing scale displays the weight up to 2 decimal places, and it can measure accurately to a level of 100 grams. It is one machine that you can rely on entirely.
  • Intuitive Application – The application that is for the use of all other users is quite intuitive. The application tracks and displays all the body parameters. It also helps you with your fitness goals. The food database is available on the application that helps you in tracking your calorie intake. Apart from this, you can monitor your progress and create your diet plans too. You can even generate the pdf report of your progress. Lastly, you can share the progress with your friends and family on social media.


  • Smart Features – This weighing scale comes with a lot of smart features. It can track multiple parameters for you, and it gets connected to your phone. All the data is then synced to your mobile fitness application which helps you in tracking your progress. You do not have to manually enter the data or keep a diary to track your vital parameters. This is one of the best advantages that you get after purchasing this weighing scale from Lifetrons.
  • Warranty – Lifetrons offer 12 months of warranty on this weighing scale. The customer support is prompt, and they quickly respond to your queries as well. If you encounter any issue, you can call them or send an email to them. In addition to this, the brand also provides an extended warranty under certain conditions. In terms of the warranty policy, you are surely going to like the scale.
  • Fat Analyzer & Other Parameters – As mentioned earlier, the weighing scale is a smart weighing scale which enables you to track multiple parameters. The weighing scale helps you track visceral fat, muscle mass, hydration levels, protein %, metabolic age, fat mass, bone mass, subcutaneous fat, BMI & BMR. All this data is tracked on the phone, and hence it becomes effortless for you to check the information whenever you need. 
  • Keeps Track of Goal – Everyone has some fitness goals associated with their present body composition. The good thing about the weighing scale and the application is that these things enable you to track and meet your goals. It notifies you of your progress periodically, and this way, you can understand how you are progressing. If you like a tech-savvy weighing scale, then this is undoubtedly the one that you should buy.
  • Sturdy – The size of the glass platform is 26 cm x 26 cm. The total depth of the weighing scale is 1.9 cm. Overall, the glass platform is sturdy, and this is because it is designed with tempered glass. Do not worry about putting pressure on the glass as it can easily take your body weight. The soft pads at the bottom act as a cushion, and it also stabilizes the weighing scale. You can go ahead and trust the durability as well as sturdiness of this weighing scale. 


  • Slightly Expensive – This weighing scale is loaded with many features, but all these features come at a price. You will have to pay a little extra for purchasing this weighing scale. All these features increase the cost, which we do not like about this weighing scale. You can benefit from various deals available on this weighing scale, and it will undoubtedly save you some money.