6 Smart Weighing Scale Brands in India

Gone are those days when weighing scales used to tell your weights alone. Now, there is a scale that can interpret your body fitness, like a smartphone app or a fitness band, and It’s called the Smart Weighing Scale. Today’s smart weighing scales help you gauge your weight and other body measurements like your Body Mass Index (BMI), fat percentage, water percentage, etc. 

The best thing about a smart weighing scale, you can always integrate them with your smartphones and sync it to manage your fitness objectives. It is absolutely a fail-safe way to reach all your fitness goals.

Features such as durable, reliable, and inclusive with all the latest features should always look before buying a smart weighing scale. Nowadays, various big companies are stepping into this market. With so many brands and smart weighing scales available in the market, it becomes tough to decide on the finest one. 

Smart Weighing Scale Brands

Here we list out the best brands of intelligent weighing scale, which would help you to pick the right one.

  • ActoFit 

ActoFit is currently the most popular and the number one selling Smart Body Scales brand in the Indian market. It assists in measuring various body structure metrics perfectly and presents the data as graphical representations in your mobile app. Apart from the weight, it tracks BMI, BMR, body fat, muscle mass, water percentage, skeletal muscle, subcutaneous fat, metabolic age, and many other compositions.

The dual-frequency BIA technology used here helps to measure data accurately. It can maintain a multi-user database of up to 16 members. Also, it has Step On and Auto Shut facility to save battery life. Bluetooth connectivity helps to sync app data continuously. One more exciting feature of this smart scale is that it is integrated with AI technology and has an inbuilt Chabot.

  • ActiveX

when it comes to choosing weighing scales from a particular brand name, then one brand called ActiveX is quite popular in the market. Other than the major factors that making it the most reliable brand, the correctness is another great reason behind its popularity. The machine can track several parameters including, body weight, BMI, BMR, bone mass, visceral fat, water percentage, subcutaneous fat, protein rate, body age, standard weight, weight without fat, muscle weight, amount of protein, degree of obesity, etc.

You can connect it with your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can store the data on your smartphone and later can check it in the forms of charts. These charts also help you in tracking your fitness progress. One of the most accurate weighing scale that provides the result with a precision of 0.1 Kg.

  • Lifetrons Smart Weighing scale

This Smart weighing scale offers you a measurement of several metrics in your body, including weight, BMI, BMR, muscle mass, hydration, skeletal muscle, bone mass, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, and others. The Dual-frequency BIA technology and four high-precession sensors that provides more precise measurements.

Tempered glass on the platform provides steadiness during the weighing and durability for a longer time. This weighing machine features Auto on and Auto-off feature that makes this weighing machine much easier to use and saves battery in the process. You can connect the weighing machine to your phone via Bluetooth and store data. With its app, you can also set your diet plan and track your headway. After setting the diet plan, you will get meal notifications. You can also set up user profiles of your family. If you are a Dietician, you can save your client’s particulars and share progress reports in PDF files.

  • Dr. Trust Smart Weighing Scale

Dr. Trust’s smart weighing scale is an outstanding machine for those who are looking for rechargeable batteries. It consists of two modes- Normal Mode and Sport Mode. Many users trust this brand for their quality smart weighing scales.

Dr. Trust’s team smart scale is designed with Patented Accu Gauge technology. You can use it to measure the different body and muscle fats like weight, fat, BMI, BMR, BFR, muscle, moisture, bone mass, subcutaneous fat, protein rate accurately. The auto-calibrated platforms help to provide an accurate measurement of your metrics in pounds or KG according to your setting. The Bluetooth connection syncs the data on your phone as soon as it gets connected. This product is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, supports android 4 3 and IOS 6 13. This is a rechargeable weighing scale that comes along with micro-USB port for charging. The charge can last for months!

  • Lenovo Smart Weighing Scale

Lenovo weighing scale has a brilliant finish; this smart weighing scale looks remarkable. High precision sensors existing in this device set this apart from other intelligent levels as they can give precise and consistent measurements. It provides your body score based on BMI, BMR, and fat, muscle, and water content in your body. Several sensors on the scale give accurate and consistent measurements.

This smart scale is one of the limited intelligent machines available at such low cost and offers several body composition metrics. The glass which you step on is durable and tempered, and It can withstand weight up to 180 Kg. Bluetooth connectivity helps to sync with the app and store data. The metrics also show you accurate details to improve your health.

  • Omron Smart Weighing Scale

It is one of the most reasonable and leading brands. The weighing scale tracks a lot of parameters, including weight, BMI, muscle mass, body fat, water content, bone mass, basal metabolism, and visceral fat. Body score depends upon these parameters. The Body Fat analyzer of this scale indicates the perfect ratio between your height and weight. Also, it is composed of a Visceral Fat Analysis system that can display the visceral fat rating of your body to reorganize your daily workout plan.

You can easily synced machine with your app, and can monitor the results on a daily bases. These are compatible with smartphones running on Android 4.4 and iOS 8 and above. These also support multi profiling, where you can create different profiles for family members.


With the present-day sedentary lifestyle, where sitting for long hours has become a norm, one has to focus on regular exercise and workouts to shift towards a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining an optimal weight is imperative to be fit, look smart, and maintain good health. And to accomplish this, essentially you need one of the best weighing scales so that you can keep track of your weight. The smart weighing scale helps you gauge your weight and also monitor, track, and record your fitness. Buy a branded, accurate, and most exceptional smart weighing scale. Stay Fit, Stay Healthy!