Types and Capacity of Weighing Scale for Shop

Weighing scales are a useful tool to have. And we are not only talking about the homes, but also about the commercial places like shops and malls. The only difference is the category and weighing capacity of the scales. The commercial scales have a larger weighing platform and have more capacity. So, let’s talk about the commercial weighing scales available in the market that you can opt for to enhance the potential of your business with ease. In the article, we will be talking about the most common types of commercial weighing scales that you can use in the shop along with their weighing capacity. This article will be helpful for you if you are planning to open a shop and are looking for the best weighing scale for your shop

As said, the major difference between the personal weighing scales and commercial weighing scales is the weighing capacity of the scale. However, they also differ in their size and design. The commercial scales or the weighing scales meant for the shops are relatively bigger than the home weighing scales and this is because you need to weigh things that are large in quantity. So, choose the right scale for your business and get the best value for money.

Types of Commercial Weighing Scales and Their Capacity

Types and Capacity of Weighing Scale for Shop

Depending on the needs and your budget, you can choose from a variety of commercial scales for your business. And if you are not able to decide which scale is going to support your business the most, here is the list of common weighing scales used for commercial purposes. Have a look at these and then decide which one of these will be a perfect choice for your business. 

  • Platform scales

The first type of commercial weighing scale we are going to talk about is the platform scale. These are meant for the large shops and wholesale dealers where the quantity of the item is relatively large and it is important to consider accuracy.

The platform scales are available in both digital and manual modes and you can easily choose one according to the budget and needs of accuracy. The platform scales vary in the weight holding capacity and according to your business and budget, you should be able to find the right product. 

The platform scales are extremely easy to use and if you are choosing the electronic scale, then you can get outstanding accuracy too. These scales are generally found in the wholesalers’ market and are popular among those users who deal with the wider and heavier items than usual. 

Usually, the platform scales can handle the weight up to 500 kg. SO, if you were searching for such a weighing scale that has a decent weighing capacity and is easier to use, platform scales are going to be an exciting deal for you. 

  • Platform scales with an external display

Another variant that is popular among the wholesalers is the platform scale with an external display. This special variant has an additional display that can be attached to the weighing scale and placed at a convenient place where the buyers can see the readings. Apart from this, the weighing scale does not have any major difference to talk about. SO, if you were looking for performance and better usability to enhance the overall value of the platform scale, you should once try your hands on this popular variant of the platform scale. With the perfect design and usability, the platform scale is an essential tool to have in the shop. With better accuracy and performance, the platform scales are great for the users. 

  • Tabletop Scales

Tabletop scales are amongst the most common and widely used weighing scales for retail shops. Unlike the platform and other types of weighing scales, the tabletop weighing scales are relatively small in size and offers somewhat similar looks to the home use weighing scale. The tabletop weighing scales are extremely easy to use can be placed in the smallest space. So, if you are looking forward to have a weighing scale for your retail store and want to make no compromise with the accuracy, you should consider buying the tabletop weighing scale. 

The tabletop weighing scales can be used to weigh items up to 120 kg and if you are looking for accuracy and usability, these tabletop weighing scales are going to be the best choice for you. With the outstanding size and easy usability, the tabletop weighing scales offers amazing accuracy and performance. 

The only downside of the tabletop weighing scale is that it does not have an external display that makes it hard for the buyers to see the readings. 

  • Floor scales

Floor scales can be considered as a better and enhanced version of the platform weighing machine. Though they are fixed to one place, they are extremely useful for heavy items that can’t be lifted easily. You will need to make a few important adjustments to install the floor scales, but if you are after performance and usability, the floor scales are going to be an exciting choice to make.

The capacity of the floor weighing scales depends on the size your buy for yourself and usually, you can use them to weight items up to 500 kgs. So, if you are looking for better performance and have enough space in your shop, you are going to love the floor scales. 

  • LCD Weighing Scales

Another important weighing scale for commercial purposes is the LCD weighing scale. With the perfect design and size, these scales are extremely reliable and performance-oriented options to go with. AS per the looks are concerned, the LCD weighing scales may look similar to the tabletop weighing scales. The only difference between the two is the LCD weighing scales have an external LCD screen that the buyers can refer to while weighing their items. This also makes it an ideal deal for the retail shop owners who are looking to buy a weighing scale with great usability and performance. 

The weighing capacity of the LCD weighing scale is similar to the tabletop weighing scales and you can easily replace them for tabletop scales if you are looking for an enhanced version of the weighing scale in your shop. 

  • Computerized Weighing Scales

The next type of commercial weighing scale that we are going to talk about is the one that you have seen in the malls and other retail stores with a fixed price tag. The computerized weighing scales are a bit larger than the tabletop weighing scales and the thing that makes it an extremely useful tool for the shop owners is the attached keyboard/calculator with the weighing scales. IT also has a print machine that can print the slip for the added weight.

The computerized weighing scales are capable to weigh up to 120 kgs and if you are a retail shop owner and are looking for added features and usability enhancements, these weighing scales are going to be an ideal deal for you. Try your hands on it and you are not going to be disappointed with the features or value of the scale. 

  • Spring Scales

Spring scales are amongst the common weighing scales in the port and others where the items can’t be placed on the floor. The spring scales are meant to be fixed in a place and the item being weighed should be hanged on them. 

The spring scales are also available in two categories, traditional and digital. You can easily choose one of them according to the needs and budget. With different purposes, the spring scales are available with different capacities. So, choose accordingly and you will get the best results with this unique style of weighing items. 

Talking about the accuracy, the spring scales are relatively less accurate than the other types of scales as there are numerous factors that can vary the actual weight of the item. So, if you are after accuracy, you should avoid buying this weighing scale. However, if you are after usability, this can be one of the best weighing scales available in the market. 

These were the major categories in which the commercial weighing scales can be divided. All of them provide great accuracy and are available in a wide range of brands and prices. So, just search for an ideal weighing scale for your business and the things you are usually going to weigh, and you will be able to find an excellent weighing scale for your shop. 


So, these were the most common and widely used weighing scales available in the market for commercial use. You can easily choose a perfect one out of them according to your budget and needs. Along with the right type of weighing scale for your business, it is also very important that you choose a reliable brand for yourself. By this, you will be able to choose a perfect performer that not only has better reliability but also offers exceptional value for money.