Venus Electronic Bathroom Weighing Scale

Venus is one of the best weighing scale manufacturing companies. If you are looking for the most stylish weighing scale with some interesting features, then you should check out Venus Electronic Bathroom Weighing Scale. Unlike many other weighing scales that are available in the present market, this scale is different and attractive as well. Venus weighing scales are the most popular option in the present Indian market. It is made using the best quality material to offer you the best weight results. There are no chances of inaccurate results when you place the weighing scale on a flat surface. 

Venus Electronic Bathroom Scale

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You can check out the features, pros, and cons of the Venus Electronic Bathroom Weighing Scale before you buy one to be sure that you are picking the right product. Here we have listed all the features, pros, and cons. 

Feature of Venus Electronic Bathroom Weighing Scale

Large platform: One of the most noticeable features of this weight scale is the large platform. The dimensions of the weighing scale are 26 cm X 26 cm X 6 cm. That means it offers you enough space to stand properly on the weighing scale and then measure your weight. You need not have to adjust yourself. 

Weighing capacity: One important feature that everyone looks for before buying a weighing scale is the maximum weighing capacity. If it cannot reach your weight, then there is no point in buying one. This weight machine will be able to weigh up to 180 kg. Most of the weighing machines come with this capacity. 

Tough glass: 6 mm tempered glass is used on the top layer of the weighing scale. The 6 mm glass is very tough and strong as well. It can withstand weight up to 180 kg as the maximum capacity it is that. So, it is a durable and strong design for those who use it very frequently. 

Different colors: This weighing machine comes in black color, but you also have a purple color weighing machine from the same brand with almost similar features. You are going to love both colors, and so you can choose one that you like the most. 

G-Sensor: The Venus Electronic Bathroom Weighing Scale comes with four G-sensors at the bottom of the weighing scale. These sensors will make sure that the weight is perfect and accurate. There will not be any discrepancies while you check the value. 

Skid-proof feet: The weighing scale comes with a skid-proof base or foot so that there will not be any problem when you are stepping onto the weighing scale or when you step off the scale. The weight scale will remain in place until and unless you move it. That makes it easy for anyone to use the weighing scale. 

Sturdy body: The weight scale is made using tempered glass, which is 6 mm thick and can hold a maximum weight of 180 kg. Only the best quality and long-lasting tempered glass is used in the making of this weighing scale. They will last for a very long time. You should just take care of some simple cleaning and maintenance tips while using the weighing scale. Even when after having so many good features and a sturdy body, it is still a light in weight device that you can easily carry along with you. 


Light in weight: One of the best things that you will be able to enjoy with this weight scale is weight. They are very light in weight, and hence you can easily move them from one place to another. 

Large LCD screen: The LCD screen on the weighing machine is large enough for you to check the values very easily. You need not have an assistant with you who can check the values for you. They are visible very easily. 

Warranty: The weighing machine comes with a one-year warranty, and that is one of the best things about the weighing scale. Within one year, if you are facing any problems with the weighing machine, you will not have to spend any money to get it fixed. You can either ask for a full refund or a replacement. It is all done for free. 

Overload indicator: The maximum weighing capacity of the weighing machine is 180 kg. When there is more weight put on the weighing machine, then it gives you’re an indication that it is overload. Some machines do not give any indicators, and they rather just stop working. But that is not the case with this weight scale. It is very useful for you. 

Low battery indicator: You will need two AAA size batteries for the operation of the weighing scale. When you are using the weighing scale regularly, the battery drains, but you will not know that. But with this weighing scale, you will get a low battery indicator that helps you to change the battery on time so that you don’t face any problems. The process of changing the battery is also very simple and easy for anyone to do. 

Accurate results: This Venus Electronic Bathroom Weighing Scale gives you accurate results. When you are stepping on the device for the first time, there can be a difference of three to five kg in weight. But it takes a few minutes for calibration. Once it is done, you will get accurate results with the machine. If you are not standing in the right position, then there are chances that there will be a difference of 300 grams to 500 grams in the weight. 


Battery draining: One of the most common problems that many customers complained that they are facing is the battery. The battery that you are placing in the weighing scale will drain off faster. It will not remain for a very long time. The low battery indicator will help you when to replace the battery. But you may have to do it too many times. So, it is always good to have a pair of batteries for backup.