Top 5 Best Analog Weighing Scale 2022 – Product Review & Benefits

Our Top 3 Pick

#1 Equinox  #2 MCP  #3 GVC  
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Weighing scale is something that you can find in almost every house as it can help in monitoring your weight. These scales not just help you in monitoring your weighing but they can be essential for tracking the weight of your child as he grows up. This helps in ensuring that the child is growing properly. Apart from this, the weighing scale can also prove to be quite handy when you need to weigh an object. For example, you can weigh the LPG cylinder after getting the delivery of the LPG Cylinder so as to ensure that there is no malpractice in the whole process. You can also use these weighing scales as luggage weighing machine when you are travelling by flight because each kg of extra weight can really cost you a lot.

Getting into more details, there are two types of weighing scale. One of them is digital and the second one is analogue weighing scale. Let us go ahead and look at the benefits of analogue weighing scale.

Benefits of Analogue Weighing Scale

Analogue Weighing scale uses a spring mechanism to measure the weight for you. Let us look at some of the benefits that come with the analogue weighing scale

  • These are very sturdy and there is hardly any chance of malfunction as there is no electronic component involved.
  • These do not require a battery to function and hence there is no running cost associated here.
  • The analogue weighing scales are considered to be very sturdy and they are also much more accurate with very less margin of error.
  • The calibration process in analogue weighing scale is also very easy. Each scale comes with a small dial which lets you calibrate it during the use.

To help you in purchasing the analogue weighing scale, we have listed some of the best models available in the market. Let us move ahead and check out the details.

Top 5 Best Analogue Weighing Scale in India 2022

Here is the list of top 5 analogue weighing scales available in India 

#1 MCP Deluxe Personal Manual Analog Weighing Scale


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The first one on our list is from MCP. This machine is really one of the best available in the market and this is majorly because of the quality of the weighing machine. The total capacity of this machine is 130 Kg and it also has marking for measuring the weight in pounds. The display is large which makes it easy to read and since it is an analogue weighing scale, it doesn’t need a battery to function either. The surface is coated in order to give you an anti-skid finish.

The dimensions of this machine are 27 cm x 25 cm and it is rectangular in shape. It is also quite easy to store as this is a sleek design. You may not worry about the quality of this weighing scale as this is one of the best available in the market and it is really long lasting as well. 

Why to buy

  • Sleek design and easy to store
  • Can help you in measuring weight in pounds and in Kgs
  • Comes with 1 year warranty and has an anti-skid layer on the top
  • Large display which is very easy to read as well.
  • Easy to calibrate and easy to use.

Why not to buy

  • Nothing that we could think of.

#2 GVC Deluxe Personal Weighing Scale


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The next one in our list is from GVC. This is also one of the best available models in the list. Talking about the design of this analogue weighing scale, this also has a rectangular design but it has curved edges which reduce the risk of any injury. Apart from this, the weighing scale has a large display which is built in such a way that it can help you in measuring the weight in pounds as well as in kgs. The surface is an anti-skid platform which would again ensure that you do not slip while you are checking your weight.

It is also very easy to calibrate this weighing scale as it takes just a certain degree of rotation in the dial which is located behind the display.  The iron used in making this weighing machine is rustproof and hence you get a guarantee for durability. Lastly, the total capacity of this weighing scale is also 130 Kg.

Why to buy

  • Has anti-skid surface and also has rounded edges to reduce risk of any energy.
  • The display is quite large and it is easy to check the readings.
  • Very much durable as it is made of rust-proof iron.

Why not to buy

  • Comes with only 6 months of warranty. Many competitor products have 1 year warranty.

#3 GVC Manual Weighing Scale


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This is the second machine from GVC on our list. This is a little toned-down version of the model listed at the second point. Let us look into more details. The model has a rectangular shape with the rounded edges but when we talk about the measurements, the weighing scale can only measure weight in Kgs. There is no marking of pounds on the display. Apart from this, most of the things about this weighing scale are same when compared to the model listed above. The display is large and the machine is also durable.

The top surface is anti-skid and hence you do not have to worry about slipping while measuring the weight. Also, the design is such that it doesn’t wobble at all. You need to know this and the fact is that the capacity of this weighing machine is 120 Kgs. 

Why to buy

  • Simple design which makes it quite easy to use.
  • Large display with clear markings for Kgs so that you can check weight easily.
  • One of the most affordable models available in the market.
  • Very easy to calibrate as well with the help of the calibration dial.

Why not to buy

  • No warranty information available and has a capacity of 120 Kgs only.

#4 Equinox Personal Weighing Scale-Mechanical EQ-BR-9201


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On number 4, we have an analogue weighing scale from Equinox. This is one of the best offerings from the company and one of the reasons why it is the best is because of the build quality. The weighing machine has a durable construction and it ensures that it gives you a very accurate reading. In addition to this, the maximum capacity of this weighing machine is 130 Kgs. The top surface has a rubberized texture which ensures that you do not slip either. The machine has a square shape and the dimensions are 26.8 cm x 26.7 cm. In addition to this, the height of the machine is just 5 cm.

The compactness makes it very easy to store and with such a high quality, this is certainly something that you can rely upon. Since it is also an analogue weighing scale, there is no need for batteries. The digits on the display are in a big font which makes it easier to read the display.

Why to buy

  • Comes with 18 months warranty which is the best in class.
  • Big display with clear and bold letters.
  • Very durable and very accurate. Can easily last for years without any issue.

Why not to buy

  • Can’t measure weight in pounds.

#5 Equinox Personal Weighing Scale-Mechanical EQ-BR-9015



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This is the last product on our list and this one is also from Equinox. This is a slightly lower variant of the model listed above. Getting into the details, the capacity of this variant is 120 Kg whereas the capacity of the variant that we talked about earlier was 130 KG. Apart from this, everything else remains the same. You get 18 months of warranty and the construction is durable which promises an accurate reading for many years to come. The surface of this machine is also having a special coating which prevents you from slipping.

This machine can also be calibrated easily with the help of the dial which is located in front of the machine. This is right, the calibration dial-in Equinox machines are not at the back of the screen but are in front of the machine.  The font size of the readings is also large and hence you do not face any issues while checking the weight.

Why to buy

  • Easy to use and sturdy machine which comes with a warranty of 18 months since the date of purchase.
  • The machine is also one of the most affordable one available in India.
  • High quality build.

Why not to buy

  • Has a capacity of 120 Kg.


This is all about the analogue weighing scale. You can check out the best models available and you can also check out the deals available on the model that you like. This will help you with the purchase process. Ensure that you purchase a good quality analogue scale and we hope our guide will help you in the process.