Best BMI Weighing Machine / Scale 2022

Our Top 3 Picks

1. Dr Trust 2. ActiveX 3. Lifetrons
ActiveX Savvy Smart Digital Body Fat Scale
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There are many aspects of our body that lets us in about our health and lifestyle but not many can stake the claim of being as major eas the weight. Weight is often the major aspect that tells us about how fit we are or how healthy we are. There’s often reiterated that even a slight imbalance in lifestyle can alter our weight significantly. And it’s a reason why we often want to keep our weight in balance.

Best Weighing Machine with BMI

But how do we go about it? How do we know when to cast an eye on the weight or when to pump it up. The best weighing machine will help us out in maintaining a regular view on body weight. We here line up the best bodyweight measuring machines around for you and put them to the test. Read along.

#1 Omron HBF 701 Complete Digital Body


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The first one of our list is from Omron with its digital body weighing machine. It comes with plenty of advanced features and is one of the best of the lot. With features like full-body sensing technology that allows for a precise body measurement system. There’s a progress chart that allows for the measurement of up to 90 days that can be stored into.

Best Things in Omron HBF 701

  • Digital marker
  • Memory support for 4 people
  • Marker for body fat percentage
  • Allows for visceral fat level
  • 1 year of warranty

With a proper weight management plan with this, you’ll get to know whether you are losing body fat or muscle part. It has a memory that can allow for 4 people’s weight to be stored inside. It also has a visceral fat level marker and a body fat percentage marker. It also uses weight in 100g increments for better inputs. It runs on an AA battery and comes with a 1 year of manufacturing warranty.

#2 Lenovo Smart Scale BMI Weighing Machine


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If you ever thought that Lenovo was only for making the hardware stuff, we guess you’re in dark about its other ventures. They have plenty of stuff going around when it comes to smart solutions and this weighing machine is one of them. A smart scale that makes us sure to revolutionalize the way weighing is done, this one speaks of high value. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity and features app support that allows for smart integration. It also comes with a smart body fat scale that makes sure you are always afforded with the top quality weight metrics. It has a dimension of 300 x 300 x 28 mm and is pretty lightweight. It comes with a capacity of measuring anywhere between 5-180 kgs and also for minus 0.5 kg.

Best Things in Lenovo Smart Scale

  • Digital marker
  • Smart integrated design
  • HD display
  • BMI and BMR marker
  • Allows for visceral fat level

There’s also a BMI measuring system integrated within and it also has body fat and body water measuring. You can further get your assurance on the muscle mass and the bone mass too via this one. And if that’s not all, there’s also BMR reading with it.

#3 Powermax Fitness BMI Weighing Machine


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The third one in our list is the one from Powermax with its efficient sync capacity related smart weighing scale. This one comes with Bluetooth connectivity and allows for accurate measures. It also features 13 different key body composition schemes like weight, BMI, BMR, visceral fat, body fat, water weight and more.

Best Things in Powermax Fitness

  • Digital display
  • Smart integrated design
  • Can be synced with apps
  • 13 different body markers

There’s the clear and crisp display that showcases the reading and it can be synced with apps like apple health, google fit and more. It comes with the step on power on/off mode and has a durable body.

#4 Adofys Smart Bluetooth BMI Weighing Machine


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Next up is the one from Adofys with its effective body composition meter that comes with features like BMI, BMR marker and fat marker. This one is a digital smartly integrated weighing scale that comes with friendly app support. You can further use it to store data for over 8 members of your family.

Best Things in Adofys

  • Digital-based scale
  • Smart support
  • Memory marker for 8 people
  • BMI and BMR marker

It also has a tempered glass that is explosion-proof. It has a high-quality durable build and allows for capacity from 0.1 kg to 180 kg. it supports Bluetooth 4.0 with it.

#5 Lifetrons Body Fat Analyzer Smart Scale



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Next up we have the one from Lifetrons with its smart body analyzer weighing scale. This one comes with 12 different body measurement skills and has the option for BMR, BMI, fat loss, and water weight status. It also comes with app support that can be used for making sure that there’s proper tracking of the weight for you.

Best Things in Lifetrons

  • Smart build
  • 12 different body markers
  • App support
  • Durable build

this weighing scale with Bluetooth connectivity and app support and has a capacity of up to 150 kg. There’s a tempered glass placed on top that is highly durable. It’s a perfect piece for the home.

#6 Omron HBF 375 BMI Weighing Machine


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Closing by our list is the one from Omron with its HBF Karada edition that features a complete digital based body composition scheme. It has a digital monitor and comes with 3 months memory tracker and features options like analyzer option, reading metrics and memory presets.

Best Things in Omron HBF 375

  • Digital marker
  • Smart and durable build
  • Memory Preset
  • Measurement metrics like BMI and BMR marker
  • 1-year manufacturing warranty

It comes with measurement markers like muscle support and weight support. It also has a body fat monitor and comes with the operation mode. You can run this one on 4 AA batteries and it features 1 year of warranty.

Buying Guide for BMI Weighing Machine

There are a few precursors that need to be taken whilst buying a weighing machine. We here will list them out for you so that you can go along.

Which Type of Weighing Scale Do Do You want?

Normally there is a different type of weighing scale like analog, digital or with body fat measurement metrics. You ought to decide which one to go for and you can decide the same.

How Much Weighing Capacity You Want?

These days most of the weighing scale comes with a range extending from 100 kg to 180 kgs. You can choose between the frame that you want and then select it like that.

What are Its Units and Display?

Units and display differ from nation and places. For example, India predominately uses the kg metrics so if you’re looking for the one go for something that will offer the feasible metrics for you.

Is It Skid-Proof?

You don’t want to skid on a weighing scale, do you? Nobody wants that. Look for something that has a sturdy build so that you can glide along.

Which Shape is Best?

This one is majorly a personal choice and it’s up to the individual to coax whether to go for the round ones or for the square ones as per the liking. Well, that’s all from us. We hope these minute details help you out in finding the best weighing scale and keeping yourself fit.