Best HealthSense Weighing Machine In India 2022

The weighing machine became a necessity these days. This is due to the awareness that people are getting regarding fitness, health and different measures required to keep the body in shape and fit. One such measure is the weight of a person. And for such measurement, people are expecting precision. Thus, some weighing machines brands have become popular over traditional weighing machines. These also come in different scales and can be adjusted according to your requirement. Many manufacturers are striving to provide people with the best products. HeathSense is one such company which is making best weighing machines.

Best HealthSense Weighing Machine

HealthSense products are all about fitness and personal care. It is founded in 2014 and has spread widely among the people and became one of the popular brands for fitness products. The company is formed by young Indians with a very good team striving for the delivery of best products. All the products are well researched by the R&D Team, produced by best manufacturers and then goes through strict quality tests. Only then, the products are delivered to customers. You will get a warranty for the product and all the products can be purchased online. 

Weighing machine is one of the fitness products that HealthSense is marketing and the products are a huge success. The weighing machines come as a personal body weight scale, Glass-top personal scale, scan-pro body fat monitor, ultra-lite personal scale, etc., All these are very good products that are being sold. All of them come with a warranty card, scale range is suitable for any person and one of the weighing machine gives a complete profile of the body which is very useful to keep you fit. They have different features including high quality batteries, digital scale with precision, anti-skid nature and it is easy to use. You can order them from their website or from amazon. Let us see two of the best HealthSense weighing scales with their features, pros and cons and other details. 

#1 HealthSense Soft-Grip Personal Scale PS 135

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The first HealthSense weighing machine is the Soft-Grip Personal Scale product. It has a user-friendly scale using “Step-on” technology. This helps to give quick and understandable results. It has a non-slip platform and gives you accurate weight measurements with Four precision sensors. These are high-gauge Precision G-Sensors. They provide accurate results up to 180Kgs. It has the latest “step-on” technology which means you do not need to wait for the scale to calibrate. You just need to step on the machine and within seconds you will get the accurate weight possible and when you step down, it powers off saving the battery of the weighing machine. It has a very stylish design matching your interior and has a non-slip plastic cover for safety. It has a large screen with 3.5 inch LCD blue backlight. 

Pros –

  • Stylish design with aluminium side plated and blue LCD screen
  • A machine can weigh as high as 180Kg
  • The units can be changed and available in Kg/Lb/St
  • Has G-sensor for accurate results
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

Cons –

  • The weighing machine might be slightly expensive.

#2 Health Sense PS 117 Glass Top Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale

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If you are someone who likes symmetry then this is a good choice. It has the precision latest g-sensors for giving the accurate measures of your weight. The weighing scale works in  3 units which is very useful if you are used to specific units. It has a large black LCD screen with backlight. It is build with non-slip base which is very useful for kids who tend to hop on the weighing machines. This weighing machine is made with vinyl on a black toughened glass surface. It has cool curved edges. The glass material makes it look elegant. The other major thing is, it is now available as a combination product with HealthSense’s Heart-Mate BP machine which is used to measure your Blood Pressure with affordable rate. 

Pros –

  • Affordable and is available as a combination with BP machine
  • Have 1- year warranty for both weighing scale and BP machine
  • Symmetrical and glass design
  • Have g-sensors and made with anti-slip technology

Cons –

  • The only con is that it is suggested to ignore first reading for calibration. 

Bottom line –

These are the two of the best products from HealthSense. The company is very good at testing their products for quality. Even then, if you have any issues you can contact the company’s amazing customer service. They are giving a very good warranty service too. Although the company is a recent one, it has done an exceptional job in creating good products and at the same time offering a good service. So, go ahead and select one of these amazing products and always stay fit.