6 Types of Weighing Machine In India

The first thing that you should know about the weighing scales as a buyer is the different types of weighing scales. BY knowing all the types of weighing scales in the market, you can be assured of choosing the most suitable weighing machine for yourself. The weighing scales can be classified according to the primary function that the weighing scale is assigned. And according to this, the weighing scales can be classified into the following categories. Go through them, and choose the one that perfectly suits your needs.

#1 Digital Weighing Machine – Hoffen

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The first and the most popular type of weighing scale that is gaining immense popularity among the buyers is the digital weighing machine. These machines are not only more accurate than the traditional weighing machines but also are much easier to read. These machines are equipped with a large LCD panel that accurately shows the weight and other information according to the model you are planning to buy. Unlike the traditional weighing scales, the digital weighing scales are operated by the batteries and have additional features like the memory function and auto shut down features that make it an ideal choice for the buyers.

#2 Analog Weighing Machine – MCP Deluxe

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Another very popular type of the weighing machine that has been used by the Indian buyers is the Analog weighing machine. The simple design and working of the analog weighing machine make it a worthy product to have at home for those buyers who are looking forward to having long term investment and planning to buy a maintenance-free weighing scale for them. The analog weighing scale has a gauge that points to the weight. Although they are not as accurate as of the digital weighing scales, there are several other plus points that make a worthy scale to go with. Although the analog scales only show the weight of the product or the person, you can rely on it for the efficient result and longer life. In all, if you were looking for a reliable, and long-lasting weighing machine that will last forever, the analog weighing scale would be an ideal choice for you.

#3 Smart Weighing Machine – Mi Body

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Best Smart Weighing Machines can be considered as the more advanced form of digital weighing machines. In addition to simply displaying the weight, the smart weighing scales also show the other important information like the BMI, body fat percentage and others. These scales are a perfect choice for the buyers who are after a more informative and professional weighing scale for them. These are a popular choice for health enthusiasts and the professionals involved in weight training. So, if you were after an informative, more detailed version of the weighing scale, then you should opt for the smart weighing scale for yourself. Believe us, they are more beneficial than they seem.

#4 Electronic Weighing Machine – Bulfyss Advanced

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Another version of the weighing machine is the electronic ones. Unlike the other weighing machines that use the batteries to operate, these machines are plugged into the power socket to show the weight. These weighing machines are generally used in the shops and malls and are known to provide more efficient results. Some of the additional features that an electronic weighing machine provides include auto shut down and overload feature. So, if you were looking for a reliable, efficient and feature rich weighing scale for yourself, the electronic weighing machine would be an ideal choice for you.

#5 Baby Weighing Machine – Paxmax

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Baby weighing machines are those weighing machines that are specially designed to measure the weight of the babies and have higher accuracy along with lesser weight holding capacity. Most of the baby weighing machine comes with a holder which is big enough to hold the babies comfortably. So, if you were planning to buy a weighing scale that can effectively measure your kid’s weight without any issues, the baby weighing machine will be the perfect choice for you. So, instead of buying the normal weighing machine that may not be accurate enough to weigh your newborn, we will suggest you go with the best baby weighing machine for yourself.

#6 Pet Weighing Machine – TeaTime

Like the baby weighing machines, the pet weighing machines are also dedicated to measuring weight with higher precision. With a platform where you can keep your pets, the pet weighing machines are far more reliable and easier to use if you were thinking of using the normal weight machine for measuring your pet’s weight. So, we will suggest you to buy the pet weighing scale instead of the normal ones according to your needs and size of your pet.

So, these were the six of the most popular types of weighing scales that you can buy this year from the stores. Apart from these, there are a few more types of the weighing scales like the bathroom weighing scales, jewellery weighing scale and the kitchen scales. So, be sure about which of these is the right type of weighing scale for you, and start searching for the best in the class model according to your needs and budget. Make sure that you are choosing the right type of the machine as choosing the wrong type won’t solve your purpose of buying the weighing scale.