Best Food Weighing Machine 2022 for Food Measurement – Review & Buying Guide

Purchasing the digital weighing machine is often the best way for shopkeepers since there is a large amount of inaccuracy when it comes to analogue scales. In order to defeat the inaccuracy, digital scales should be preferred. In this article, we have listed down the best weighting machine which is available for you, such that you need not end up buying a digital scale which is not worth it.

Top 5 Weighing Machine For Food

Moreover, there are various functions of the digital weighing scale which makes it different from the analogue ones, hence for accurate measurements prefer a digital weighing scale. In order to make your search easier, we have listed down the top digital weighing scales for you. It is also suggested to go through the buying guide of the digital scales to get a better view.

#1. Generic Electronic Food Weighing Scale

Generic Electronic Food Weighing Scale

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Generic SF400 Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale is one of a kind weighing scale which helps you to measure the weight of different fruits and vegetables. One of the best features of the weighing scale is that there are multiple foods that you can measure at the same time by using the TARE button available on the weighing machine. Other than that, there are multiple options available on the weighing machine that can be used during measurement.


  • A simple button-pressing mechanism, easy to use.
  • Light in weight thus can be carried along with you.
  •  Multiple product measurement at the same time, such a boon!
  • Battery-powered, hence not dependant on the electricity and power supply.
  • No effect of moisture on the fruits for measurement, highly efficient


  •  Issues with the digital screen have been raised by users.
  • Conversion of units is not easy as the buttons have malfunctioned. 

#2. Atom Electronic Digital Food Weighing Scale

Atom Electronic Digital Food Weighing Scale

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Atom A122 Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale is easy to use a weighing scale which makes the measurement of fruits and vegetables easier. One of the best products, since it can be operated dually, both based on cells and power. With the maximum weight around 9 kgs, the machine works perfectly for fruits and veggies. 


  • Easy conversion of different units of measurement as per the requirement
  • Perfect buttons shaped at the perfect size of fingers for easy operation
  • Customization of operation and flexibility of operation as required
  • A durable product thus can last longer than expected.
  • Battery optimization is at its best since it gets closed automatically when not in use.


  •  You need to purchase the adapter separately for connecting it to the power supply
  •  The plastic cover peels off as soon as you receive the product 

#3. Atom Multipurpose Digital Food Weighing Scale

Atom Multipurpose Digital Food Weighing Scale

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Atom SF-400A-Multipurpose Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale is the perfect digital weighing scale that you must have in your shop if you have a large number of customers. Highly efficient and functions exceptionally as it has perfect accuracy while measuring the items. Moreover, the screen of the scale displays the values very precisely, which makes it one of the best machines available.


  • Multiples press buttons are available to choose the best-required functions.
  •  Highly durable for rough use and also looks ecstatic to add beauty to your kitchen
  •  No more than 10 kg of the food items can be measured at a single time.
  •  Battery operated, hence you don’t need to depend on the electricity for its operation


  • Issues regarding the durability of the product have been raised
  • Display of the product doesn’t work properly as per consumers.

#4. Shopo’s Professional Digital Food Measurement Scale

Shopo's Professional Digital Food Measurement Scale

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Shopo’s Professional Digital Table Top Scale lets you measure the best food items on its scale easily. Comes in stainless steel, the product doesn’t rust with time, rather the accuracy of the measurement is extremely wonderful. You need no more than two cells to operate the scale. 


  •   Simple design yet one of the slimmest product which is available in the market.
  •   You need not worry about the power cuts since it works completely on cells
  •   Available in multiple colours as per the requirement
  •   Easy conversion across the different units and modes of measurement make it flexible.
  •   The accuracy of the product is extremely good. 


  •  The body of the product can be a bit more robust to support rough handling
  •  An alert sound for the completion of the measurement could have been introduced.  

#5. Metis Digital Food Weight Machine

Metis Digital Food Weight Machine

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Metis Digital weighing Scale is perfect for your shop if there are a number of customers in your shop. It is built for rough usage as it is on the bulkier side so any cases of sudden falling of the weighing machine won’t damage it. Unlike the other weighing scales, there is a light which glows at night on the LED screen that makes it night-friendly as well.


  •  Durable as the product is a bit on the bulkier side so fit for rough usage
  •  Switches off automatically after being used so you need not worry about the battery usage
  •  A perfect screen which is large enough for your customers to even see the weight.
  •   Balance is very accurate since it can measure small pieces of grains accurately too.
  • Easy conversion of different weighing scales, highly flexible.    


  •  Bulkier body, hence difficult to carry from place to place.
  • The customer service of the product is not commendable.

Buyers Guide To Choose Best Weighing Machine For Food

While you are purchasing the digital weighing scale, it is often recommended to look for the following a few checklists which make them really efficient. Let us look at them:

Size of the screen: If you are a shopkeeper always look for digital scales which have a widescreen, such that you can satisfy your customers regarding the weight of the fruits and veggies.

Backlight: Prefer to have a weighing scale which has a backlight that prevents the use of torches during darkness or power cut. A backlight in the LED screen increases visibility.

Weight: Prefer a weighing machine which is light in weight such that it can be easily carried from one place to another, as and when required.

Mode of operation: Prefer for a weighing machine which operated both on electricity as well as cell. It increases the options of operation for you, thus making it easier for you to use it. If you are purchasing the product online look for the mode of delivery as well as the replacement policy for a hassle-free experience with the product.

Bottom Line: 

In the article, we have listed the best digital weighing scales available as well as the benefits of a digital obe over the traditional one. The buying guide gives excellent coverage about the best features your scale should have. We hope you have an excellent purchasing experience and do let us know about it.