Best Digital Weighing Machine / Scale In India – Review & Buying Guide

Our Top 3 Picks

1. HealthSense 2. Hoffen 3. Healthgenie
HealthSense Dura-Glass PS 115 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale, Best Electronic Bathroom Scales
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Are you trying to monitor your weight regularly? Count the gains or losses? Most of us cannot do the regular monitoring of the weight because of the lack of weighing scales. You don’t want to be hitting the clinic to weigh your weight every time. This is where the digital weight machine comes into play. They help in reviewing and monitoring your body’s weight on a constant basis. Think of it, you can constantly check on your weight regularly from your home weighing machine. There are plenty of weighing scales available in the market. They are normally of either analog or digital editions. We here especially look into the type of digital weighing scales and pick out the best 5 of the lot for you.   

Top 5 Best Digital Weight Machine 2022

We have picked these top 5 options based on our buying guide parameters to make sure that they present themselves as a perfect and best-weighing scale for those who are looking to get one for themselves or their family. Read along. We here have listed the best 5 of the digital weighing scales available in India. The below-mentioned names are one of the best of the lot from the ones available in the market and can be your best friend in your journey of weight loss. You can find them in the marketplace and from online e-commerce websites also. Let’s find out more about them. 

#1. Hoffen Digital Electronic LCD Weighing Scale

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The first pick of our list is from Hoffen, one of the top brands when it comes to healthcare equipment. They are one of the trustworthy names in the industry and they rightly oblige with the top-notch products. This digital weighing scale is an electronic-based one and has an LCD display with prominent reading and clear panels. 

It has a high-precision strain gauge sensor system and is equipped with tempered glass. The sensors allow for accurate readings of the weight while the tempered glass allows for a strong and durable build. It also has a low battery indicator which allows you to know when the weighing scale requires a new battery. It also has an auto power-off button which helps you to save the battery. It has a capacity of 2.5 kg to 180 kg. 


  • LCD display with a bright vivid display
  • High precision sensors
  • Tempered glass body
  • Auto power off button


  • None as of now

#2. Healthgenie Display Electronic Digital Weighing Scale

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Next up we have the one from Kata in second place in our list. healthgenie has been producing high-quality health equipment over the years and they are rightly deemed as one of the top sellers around. Their lineage of weighing machines comes in both digital and analog editions and we have the digital weighing scale from them. This one has an LCD display and comes with a light, battery, and temperature indicator on the screen. It has a square body design and features an impressively elegant design. It has impressive accuracy in measuring accurate results and high precision strain gauge sensor system. It also has an auto-on and auto-off system and has overload protection. It can measure up to 180 kg. It has toughened glass for durability and has a low battery indication.


  • Impressive elegant design
  • High precision strain gauge sensor system
  • Auto on and off feature
  • Toughened glass


  • Lack of warranty

#3. Venus Digital Personal Bathroom Weight Scale


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At third in our list is the one from Venus with another of the top sellers around in the market when it comes to digital weighing scales. This one from them has an impressive feature which certainly makes it one of the best picks around. This weighing scale has an LCD display that comes with a light, battery, and temperature indicator. It has a square-designed body that looks great while placed on the surface. It comes with a transparent and colored strip and comes with toughened glass that offers long-term durability. It has a high precision sensor and comes with utmost accuracy along with overload indication. It has a weight capacity of up to 180 kg. 


  • Toughened glass
  • Utmost accuracy
  • High precision sensor 
  • Durable body


  • Does consume the battery a bit more

#4. Sansui Electronic Display Digital Weighing Scale


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Next up we have an impressive piece that also stands quite visually appealing. This Sansui weighing scale from Weltime has been much loved and is much preferred by people around. It has a clear transparent surface that sits perfectly in your drawing room, bathroom, and even in the bedroom. This machine has a step and reads-based functioning where all you need to do is step on it and the readings will be displayed. It has a digital LCD display that offers readings. It comes with a sensory multi-function weighing function and has an auto power off and auto-zero low battery option. It also comes with overload protection and has thick tempered glass. It has a capacity of 180 kgs. 


  • Visually appealing design
  • Digital LCD display
  • Sensory multi-function weighing


  • Has questions on durability 

#5. HealthSense Digital Weighing Scale

HealthSense Dura-Glass PS 115 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale, Best Electronic Bathroom Scales


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Rounding up our list is another impressive and visually rendering piece from Healthsense. HealthSense weighing machine is one of the top brands of healthcare equipment. There are plenty of top-notch products from Healthsense and this one over here is a great piece to have for. It has a food weighing scale and has precise measurements enabled with high precision sensors. This allows for creating a perfect and accurate rating. 

It has an easy tare function and can help to reset the scale and also comes with a unique hanging decision. It is pretty lightweight and sturdy built with rectangular design with rounded hoop design. It has a clear LCD display with large black fonts and comes with an auto-off feature. It has separate buttons by which you can change the units from kg to pounds and vice versa. It has a capacity of 180 kg and is perfectly suited for body weighing. 


  • Elegant design
  • Lightweight and sturdy built
  • Energy-efficient function 
  • Auto-off feature


  • Warranty Of The Product Is Limited To Manufacturing Defects Only.

Buying Guide To Choose Best Digital Weighing Scale

There are various factors that come into play while buying a digital weighing scale. Having a clear idea of these factors will allow you to find the best one for your lot. Let’s have a look at the buying guide for digital weighing scale. 


First things first, it’s all about precision and exactness of the weighing machine. There should be accuracy in the way the results are showcased in the weighing scale. People generally go for the digital weighing scale as they provide a more accurate reading of the weight than the analog edition. Do check a few items by keeping on the weighing scale to find out the accuracy of it.

Weight range

There’s never one weight for everyone. Every person has a different weight range and scale. That is why you need to have a proper weighing range in the machine. Do check the weighing range of the machine so that you can obtain the precise and accurate measurement. 

LCD Display

The weight range is displayed via the LCD display in the digital weighing scale. So having an LCD display that can showcase the weight results properly is a must. There goes a lot of things in the display like fonts, light display and more. Look for an LCD display that has a bright vivid display with an illuminating display so that you can see the display and the weight results with ease. 


The best thing about the digital weighing machine is that it is portable to use. That’s a big boon to it. The smaller and lightweight the machines are, it’s better to carry around from one place to another. Many people prefer going to digital weighing scales for their portability. Look for the one which is lightweight and easy for you to carry around. 


Price is a factor that is of utmost importance while buying any product. We all tend to fix a budget and find a product which matches up to our need within the same budget range. There are digital weighing machines which are available at a different price range in the market. Look for the one with the befitting price to your need. Also, don’t always go for the low priced ones just to save a few bucks as they don’t tend to last long. 

Final Verdict

There are quite a few digital weighing machines available in the market at different price spectrums. All of these tend to facilitate the weighing and helps around in keeping a track of the weight for a weight loss journey. We picked up the best 5 of the lot from the available ones based on our buying guide parameters. We hope you can find the one befitting your needs via this list.