Top 6 Best Smart Weighing Scales With Bluetooth in India 2022

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1. HealthSense 2. Dr Trust 3. ActiveX
HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale
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Today, the weighing scales not just tell you about the bodyweight. They give you a number of parameters which can help you to track your weight and other body measurements. For example, this weighing scale can tell you about your muscles mass, fat percentage, water percentage and a lot of other parameters.

Best Selling Smart Weighing Scales in India

It is certainly a great idea to purchase these weighing scales since they can help you in tracking your health. It is certainly a sure shot way to track and lead a healthy lifestyle. The cost of these smart weighing scales is also down and they are much more affordable. You can opt for these and to help you, we have listed top 6 smart weighing scales available in 2019.

1.Omron Smart Weighing Scale With Bluetooth


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This is one of the best and the most affordable smart weighing scale available in the market. This weighing scale actually tracks a lot of parameters which includes BMI, weight, muscle mass, body fat, bone mass, water content, basal metabolism, and visceral fat. Based on all these parameters, the body score is generated.  The machine uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis.

In addition to this, you can sync up the machine with its app and track the results regularly. In terms of compatibility, the machine can be used with a phone that is running on Android 4.4 or iOS 8 and above. Another amazing feature of this machine is that you can create a profile for different family members. It supports 16 user profiles for that matter and the design is certainly the best in industry. The company offers a 1-year-long warranty on the product.

2. ActiveX Savvy Smart Digital Body Fat Scale


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If you are looking for a smart weighing scale that is compatible with apps like Google Fit, Apple Health and Fit Bit then you can consider this machine. This machine can track 13 different parameters for you which includes some of the important parameters like body weight, BMI, BMR, Bone Mass, Visceral Fat, and other such parameters. It can be connected to your phone with the help of Bluetooth.

The data is stored in the phone and it is also displayed in forms of charts which help you in analyzing the progress. In terms of precision, the weighing scale is very precise and it gives you the results with a precision of 0.1 Kg. The power source remains to be 3 AAA batteries and the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on the product.

3. Actofit Body Fat Analyzer Smart Scale


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Next on our list is a machine from Autofit and this is highly advanced. It displays 15 different parameters for which also includes BMI, BMR< Body Water percentage, Body fat percentage, body mass, fat-free weight, protein percentage, muscle mass, skeletal muscle, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, weight, metabolic age, physique rating and health score.

With all these parameters, you can surely be assured that you will be able to reach our goal. In addition to this, the machine can be connected to the phone running above Android 5.5 or iOS 8.0. The weighing scale uses Dual Frequency BIA Technology which is certainly helpful in getting accurate results. You can also create multiple user profiles for this weighing scale. If you are planning to transform your body then this is certainly the Best Weighing Machine in India to help you in achieving a goal.

4. Lifetrons Body Fat Analyzer Smart Scale 


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The body weighing scale from Lifetrons is also quite efficient and reliable. This which scale can measure 12 body parameters for you which include BMI, Weight, Muscle Pass, Hydration level, Bone Mass, Skeletal Muscle Mass, BMR, Subcutaneous Fat, Visceral Fat, Metabolic Age, Protein, Body Fat and a lot of other parameters. The advantage of this weighing scale is that you can create 10 profiles which mean you can easily track the data for each family member. This machine can help you in getting BMR and TDEE which actually helps you in getting the data required to create a right diet chart.

5. Adofys Smart Bluetooth Body Fat Scale


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If you are looking for something that can provide you detailed data with a high accuracy then this is the right model for your home. The body weighing scale measures 15 different parameters and in addition to this, it features an advanced upgraded chip which offers accurate as well as precise results.

The weighing scale features an option for Bluetooth connectivity and it has a capacity of 180 Kgs. As per the information available, you can create 8 user profiles for different people. This weighing scale is also having a very impressive design which adds on to the reason why you must choose this Probus Smart Bluetooth Weighing Scale.

6. Helfis AssessMe Smart Body Scale


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The next weighing scale in our list is from Helfis. The body weighing machine can measure multiple parameters and it displays the data on your phone. The weighing scale also displays the data in the form of a chart. With just one button, it is possible to share the data with any person.

This can be your doctor, trainer or any other person. Apart from the features listed above, you can also manage the profile of 16 people on this weighing scale which gives you the freedom to keep your data isolated with other family members.

Buying Guide for Smart Weighing Scale

There are certain factors that you must consider while buying a smart weighing scale. Let us look at these points now.

  • Connectivity – You must check the connectivity option as this would define if your phone can be synced up with the weighing machine. Bluetooth is very common and this is the only option that helps in weighing machine being connected to the phone.
  • Features – Check for the various features that are hosted in the smart weighing machine. Check out the design and the other details. You can check the type of power source it uses and if it has internal memory storage to store your parameters. Another factor to check is if it is possible to create multiple user profiles for users.
  • Output Parameter – The output parameters is one thing that makes weighing scale smarts. You must check what all can be measured using weighing scales. This would help you in understanding the utility factor as well. Buy the one which can at least measure your fat %age, muscle mass, water percentage, and other such details.
  • Cost – You must also check the cost of the smart weighing scale as there is a huge variation dependent on the brand. Most of these brands will deliver the same results but it is still worth checking the cost of the weighing scale and maps it up with your budget.
  • Warranty – The last factor to check is the warranty. 1 year is the standard but you also find the weighing scales that come with a 2-year warranty.

This was all about the smart weighing scales available in India. You can check out the buying guide before actually moving on to the list as this would help you in finding the best smart weighing scale for your home.