Best Weighing Machine / Scale With Hook In India 2020

Weighing has become an essential part of travelling today. Air travel agencies have become strict regarding the luggage passengers carry. If you are going to travel then your packing will not over unless you do weighing of your bags. And one has to weigh the bags accurately and it is done with the help of weighing machines with the hook. It is not possible to lift a heavy bag and place it on weighing boards. But hanging weighing machines with a hook is the most suitable, easy to use and simple to carry.  The hook is attached to the scale with a spring with a digital display. 

Top 5 Weighing Machine With Hook 

When you weigh luggage by hanging it to the hook, the weight of the luggage gets measured and transformed into digital form to get displayed on a digital display. There are various different models of weighing machine with hook are available. The weighing machine is made of a stainless steel body with a hook fixed to a solid support is the most common model popular among the users. The scales are very sensitive and work according to the stretching of the spring which finds the accurate weight. There are different types of weighing machines available in the market. Each of the weighing machines is highly reliable and has special features. Let us discuss some of the well-known brands and decide which weighing machine suits all your needs  

#1. Glun Bolt Electronic Weighing Scale With Hook

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The luggage weighing scale is one of the nicely designed products from GLUN Bolt which looks sturdy and works efficiently. The portable design and the crystal clear LED display make it highly useful. It has 50 kg or 110 lbs of weighing capacity with 5g accuracy.  The entire weighing unit is easy to manage with weighing unit switch, data lock and overload indication. The stainless steel body of the hook looks strong and remains durable for long.  

The LED display with backlight indicator makes it easy to read the value displayed even during day or night. In order to get accurate results, the weighing machine should be properly hanged. The hook should be attached correctly to the item to be weighed. The compact weighing machine is available in the black colour and it is easy to use and easy to carry, even in the pocket.


  • Shows highly accurate results
  • LED digital display is crystal clear.
  • Portable in size and can be easily carried in the pocket.
  • Strong metal hook and sturdy design is long durable.


  • Available only at selected outlets.

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#2. GoTrippin Weight Machine With Hook


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The weighing scale with stainless steel hook is light in weight but the long durable weighing machine. The GoTrippin offers the value-added weighing scale in a nicely branded gift pack along with the long lasting battery 3V CR2032 which is absolutely free. The weighing scale has a weighing capacity of 110 lbs or 50 kg with precision for accuracy is 0.2 lbs or 0.1 kg. It can change weight units (lb, g, ounce, kg) as per the country. The digital display is sharp and having vision clarity even during the night with the help of backlight utility. 

The multifunction indicator can use the Tare function to find the net weight of the luggage and also it has multiple options such as auto, on/off and auto-lock display. It also has a battery indicator and gets switched off when not in use for long. The weighing machine with hook is useful at home, office or even in the outdoor places. It is one such product that you will love to have it as a gift or love to give as a gift.


  • A multipurpose product having options for changing weight units.
  • Long-lasting battery & powerful display.
  • Use of Tare function is an added advantage. 


  • Needs careful handling, else results may vary. 

#3. OFIXO Portable Weighing Hanging Scale


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OFIXO offers technically advanced and nicely designed weighing machine with the hook. The product with higher quality assurance is popular among the users. The lightweight and handy weighing scale is very useful while weighing your bags while you pack them. The capacity of the weighing machine is about 50 kg or 110 lbs. The hook having strong metal design can hold the luggage while displaying the net weight on a shiny display unit.  The weighing machine helps travellers around the world in weighing the luggage accurately that helps to avoid unnecessary fines. 

The LED display has backup light which keeps displaying weights, messages and warning when the battery gets low. The portable weighing scale is easily carried along and can be used at home or in outdoor locations. It is one such product that you will love to have it as a gift or love to give as a gift.


  • Highly useful weighing machine with perfect design.
  • Accurate luggage measurements. 
  • Sturdy metal hook lasts longer.


  • Battery life needed to be longe.

#4. EZ Life Digital Luggage Weighing Scale

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EZ Life Digital Luggage Weighing Scale is Silver in colour and having the weighing capacity of 50 kg or 110 lbs. it has a long durable digital luggage belt which is hanging and makes weighing easier. The LED digital display remains clean and displays the luggage weights and messages. The backlight makes the display effective during the night also. The belt remains straight and the hook holds the luggage while weighing and it gives accurate results. The weighing scale can be used while weighing luggage in the form of suitcases, handbags, baggage, boxes and even holdalls.

The weighing machine can be used inside the house, offices or can be used outdoors also. When you are planning to travel by air, then use the weighing scale to find the weight of your luggage to make sure that it doesn’t exceed the weight limit set by airport authorities. The weighing machine is available in the market at a reasonable price.


  • Superior quality and Silver coloured weighing machine.
  • The long-lasting belt is useful in weighing smaller and bigger items.
  • Reasonable price. 


  • Limited Battery life.

#5. Atom Selves-Ebal Hook Weighing Scale

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Atom Selves-EbalHook A 304 Digital Luggage Weighing Scale offers a perfect weighing solution which most of the users prefer. The digital weighing scale is light in weight, easy to carry around and having nice grey colour. The weighing machine has strong durable plastic and offers 100% accuracy when used it at home to weigh the luggage before the tour starts or during the travel after shopping is done.  The display unit is sharp and indicates low power warnings and overload indications. 

 The weighing machine runs on two batteries and it has a sensor system with a high precision gauge. It is an ideal tool which should be present in every house and it can become part of house-hold activities and used efficiently to fulfil all the necessary weighing requirements. 


  • High quality weighing scale.
  • Display indicators are sharp.
  • Weighs all types of luggage accurately.


  • Highly Expensive 

Buying Guide For Best Weighing Machine With Hook

Before we decide about the most suitable and the best available weighing machine with the hook, you have to find more about the weighing machine and some of the important features that will guide you in making your mind and finding the better weighing machine. The tips on buying the product are given here in the section buyer’ guide and if you spent some time reading the given points which you will find highly useful. Instead of reading the list of weighing machines directly, you collect the valid information regarding the weighing machines from buyer’s guide and then choose the best and most perfect machine for you.

Accurate measurements: While you decide to buy a weighing machine, you should make sure that the weighting machine weight accurately and also displays the weight measured correctly. You can test the weighing machine and carry a few simple weight measuring experiments. Sometimes glitches occurred can create confusions. There shouldn’t be any compromise on accuracy while buying a most accurate weighing machine.

Look & design: The weighing machine should be compact in size, lightweight to carry and can be easily managed during a weighing session. The look of the weighing machine should be perfect without any flaws. It should be sturdy, clear and can fit in the pocket or in the handbag easily. You buy the weighing machine once in a while with a durable hook attached. Make sure that the weighing machine not only looks nice but also works fine.

Usability of a machine: The weighing machines are light in weight, small in size and easy to manage but while you buy it, make sure it is properly designed and made of strong metal which can help it to last longer when used every now and then.

If you consider these three points while deciding to buy a weighing machine for you, then surely you will get a better weighing machine which is of high quality, works better, weighs accurate and lasts longer.


When you are planning to buy a weighing machine with properly designed, strong-looking hook then you can go through the list given above. Understand the features and the functionality of every product given in the list before you choose the best one according to your needs and budget.