Top 5 Best Weighing Machine Brands In India 2022

Weighing machine is one of the key important things you must always have at your home. As per some of the experts, regular tracking of weight can help you in quickly reaching your goal of weight loss. In such a case, it would not harm to step on this machine for a few seconds every day to stay conscious about your weight.

There are several brands that manufacture the best weighing machine and there are majorly two types of weighing machines that are available in the market. The first type is the analogue ones which feature a spring mechanism and the second ones are the digital ones.

Weighing Machine Brands – Best Seller & Top Rated

Today, a lot of people prefer digital weighing machines because of the fact that they are easy to use and they also offer a lot of features. These machines can help you in measuring BMI, Body Fat Percent, Muscle Mass and a lot of such things. These measurements can help you in losing weight and a faster pace and maintain overall health.

To buy a weighing machine, we would suggest you stick to a reliable brand but the question is that which one is a brand that is and do check weighing machine price in India before buying it. In the section below, we have listed some of the best weighing machine brands that you will find in the market. Check out more about them.


There are majorly 2 models available in Hoffen and both of them are very reliable. The brand only manufactures digital weighing scale and they are very accurate and affordable. You can check out the products from Hoffen and we assure you that you will fall in love with the design of these weighing machines as well.

Overall, it is a reliable brand which you can buy without any complaint. Hoffen also has a good warranty policy which will cover you in case of any issues or in case of any manufacturing defect. The products from Hoffen are also easily available in the market.

Health Sense 

Weighing machines Health Sense are also quite amazing and they are available in several designs. The most popular scale from Health Sense includes a weighing machine which is made of ABS plastic body. Every product from this brand features a step-on technology. 

The brand also manufactures a weighing scale that can analyse various measurements like the biological body age, the BMI and other such things. This model can actually measure a lot more than bodyweight and it is certainly worth the price. You will also find simple digital weighing scales from health Sense which are made of tempered glass tops.


One of the most affordable brands available in the market is Kata. The Kata is actually a Hindi word which means scale. The brand manufactures digital weighing scale which has a superior gauge system to measure the weight accurately. One of the most popular models from Kata is a round weighing machine which comes with a transparent glass top and a reliable weighing mechanism.

If you need something really good looking then you can opt for the black weighing scale from Kata which looks really appealing and you will love the design. You get options to choose between a round and a square weighing scale.

Dr Trust 

Another popular brand on our list is Dr Trust. This is a name that you can trust in without any doubt. The brand manufactures several medical devices and weighing scale is one of them. Dr Trust mostly offers a free thermometer with the weighing scale and this brand also has several digital models.

There are the basic ones and then there are the ones which can give you the details of body composition like the fat percentage, hydration levels, and body muscles, bone mass and even the suggested calorie intake. The brand also manufactures other devices like BP monitor and oximeter. 


The last brand on our list is Rylan and this can be a perfect bathroom scale you’re your house because of the design that it has. One of the most popular models from this brand comes with a vibrant blueprint and a tempered glass top. There are different colours available in these models and at the same time, they are also very affordable. You will find different prints and different shapes. Moreover, you will come across the models that are all very accurate when it comes to the output. This one is certainly one of the best choices that you can make.

These are some of the best weighing machine brands in the market and you can choose products from these brands without any issue. The brands are reliable and they are not expensive either. Most of these brands also have a good warranty policy to cover you and protect you from any kind of manufacturing defect.