GOQii Balance Body Composition Monitor / Scale in India

Health and fitness is the prime need for anyone in this world. It is not only about staying slim but also about living healthy. Monitoring the health at regular intervals becomes essential in this current era. Many options lie in front of us to track your health stats. The most convenient one is to own a weighing scale that can give critical data concerning Body Composition. Knowing the body composition serves you with several benefits.

Body Composition Analysis (BCA) is the process of determining the percentage of fat with that of the muscle tissue. It reveals how healthy your body is. Moreover, it is a prime tool used by a fitness coach, trainers, and even medical practitioners. It has comprehensively surpassed the already existing Body Mass Index (BMI). Understanding BCA not only helps you to shed weight, but it is also one information that is required to analyze your body state too. A few benefits of knowing the BCA are

  1. It helps you to maintain a better calorie-burning mechanism throughout the day.
  2. It helps you to optimize the metabolism in your body.
  3. It helps reduce Type 2 Diabetes.
  4. It also helps reduce heart diseases.
  5. You can easily get a slim and well-toned body. 

To live a healthy life, you must require an appropriate BMI machine so that you can make well-informed decisions in your lifestyle. Also, the rate of disease reduction shall increase to keep you healthy forever. There are many weighing scales available in the market. The GOQii Balance Body Composition Monitor gives advanced data that shall help you monitor your body state consistently. Also, the ratio of body fat with that of the muscle composition shall help you keep fit always.

GOQii Balance Body Composition Monitor

GOQii Balance Body Composition Monitor

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GOQii is a smart-tech-enabled healthcare platform that offers remote coaching for well being of the people. The company has come up with this excellent smart weighing scale that can provide advanced data about your body water stats. The incredible machine from GOQii is most sought after because of the organization’s track record all these years. GOQii is famous for the massive results through their fitness bands that are connected to the mobile App. The comprehensive coaching offered by the experts located in California gives you the best lifestyle you were dreaming of. If you are planning for a permanent shift to a healthier lifestyle, buying this weighing machine is an excellent choice. 

This weighing machine’s excellent feature is incorporating Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) as the method to get the BCA data. The usage of BIA technology gives accurate data with the help of high standard algorithms. The technology used in the weighing scale monitors the total water content in the body. It is ultimately helpful to display this type of specific data, and not only this but some other kind of data as well. The BCA data is calculated using this information, and the machine can easily gather and display the following listed data. 

Body Weight Body Muscle Mass BMI Body Bone Mass Body Fat Body Water Content Body Basal Metabolism Body Score and Body Visceral Fat

  1. Body Weight
  2. Body Muscle Mass
  3. BMI
  4. Body Bone Mass
  5. Body Fat
  6. Body Water Content
  7. Body Basal Metabolism
  8. Body Score and
  9. Body Visceral Fat

The weight range that the machine can weigh is between 5Kg to 180kg. The Body composition monitor is versatile that it can hold data up to 8 people. The progress tracking system is commendable too. It comes in the form of a graph, and it gives the motivation to work towards a better lifestyle. You can easily find these data by connecting the monitor with the App provided by the company.

Buying this product shall give you three months of personal coaching too. The incredible offer comes for you with the ability to choose the experts of your preference. You can choose wellness experts, nutritionists, and personal trainers who can assist you on the right track of being healthy. At the same time, you can also avail of personal consultation with the doctors over emails and calls. It is an incredible product with amazing benefits. Further, you can also join the GOQii Ecosystem that can make you donate karma points for social causes just by walking. 



  • The anti-slip finish makes the grip so steady
  • The weighing scale has a large display screen with backlight too
  • The device can store the data of 8 people
  • The overload indication is praiseworthy
  • Comprehensive progress Tracking system makes it a complete tool
  • The weighing scale is of lightweight thus making it highly portable




  • You must clean the weighing scale and keep it dust-free




  • The advance Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis makes the weighing scale the best
  • The device comes with an Auto On and Off feature
  • The body has high-quality material, and that ensures sturdiness to offer a reputable lifespan.
  • The durability is excellent as well
  • The device comes with a battery included in it
  • The Body composition monitor synchronizes the data with the GOQii App to see your progress in the form of a graph
  • You can use the health locker facility in the App to monitor your family’s health too




  • The Body Composition Monitor uses 4 AAA Batteries
  • The weight range is between 5Kg to 180Kg
  • The operating temperature is between 0 Degrees to 40 Degrees Centigrade



GOQii Balance Body Composition Monitor is an excellent device that offers versatile features to set your family’s health on the right track. The durability of the machine and the support functionalities are commendable. Also, the ease of use with its auto functionality makes the product the best in the industry. The things that we liked are mentioned here in this article. At the same time, this is not suitable for pregnant women and patients wearing any electrical device like pacemakers in their bodies. Rest, the product is a fantastic value add to your fitness regime. The battery functional tool offers the benefits that can keep your health intact.

Further, the personal coaching that you will receive is highly beneficial too. We recommend this product for every home to live a healthy life. All the Best!!!