ActiveX (Australia) Ivy Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

Staying healthy and active is very important to make sure that you stay fit. Keeping your weight in control is one of the biggest challenges that many people are facing these days. Having a proper diet and a little workout can help you. Just diet or just workout will not give you any magical results. Along with all this, you should also make sure that you are keeping proper track of your weight. For that, you will need the best weighing scale in the market, and here we have ActiveX (Australia) Ivy Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale. ActiveX has always been popular in making some of the best weighing scales in the market. Tracking your weight daily can help you in improving your workout and diet plans. 

ActiveX (Australia) Ivy Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

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This weighing scale comes in an attractive design and is very easy to use. If you are not very sure about why should ActiveX (Australia) Ivy Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale be your first choice, then check out its important features here. We have listed all the important features that make it worth buying. We have also added the pros and cons of the product for your reference. This information can be helpful in making the right choice. 

Features of ActiveX (Australia) Ivy Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

LED Display: You will receive this weighing scale with a LED display, and that is going to help you in reading the values in the right way. It gets easy for you read from the LED display as there will be a backlight. That means even in a dark room, and you will be able to see the weight scale and its values. 

Weighing Capacity: Another important feature that maximum people look for the maximum weighing capacity of the weighing scale. This weighing scale will help you measure anything between five kg to 180 kg. That means it can be used by kids and adults as well. Anyone above the weight of five kg can start checking their weight on the weighing scale. 

Weighing units: Along with the maximum weight, you should also be able to check the weight in the units of your choice. You cannot just check weight and waste a lot of your time converting it into a unit that you understand well. It is always good to get a weighing scale that does the internal conversion. So, this ActiveX (Australia) Ivy Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale provides you that feature. 

High precision sensors: This weighing scale comes with four high-precision sensors on the surface of the weighing scale. With the help of these sensors, your weighing scale will give you the most accurate value possible. There will be only slight variations in the weight when you check it twice. 

Warranty: Another feature that you will be able to enjoy with this weighing scale is the warranty. You will receive a one-year warranty along with this pack. That means within one year, if you are facing any kind of problem with the weighing scale, you can ask for a replacement or refund. You can also try to get the problem fixed at no extra cost. This is one of the most searched featured when you are buying any product these days. 


Sleek design: The design of this weighing scale is very attractive. It comes in a night blue color, and that makes it attractive. It can add more beauty to the room where you place it. The LED display also comes in red color, which is very easy for you to see even in low light. 

Rounded edges: another advantage that you will be able to enjoy with this weighing scale is the rounded edges. When the edges are not curved and are sharp, they can cause many problems to the legs when you are stepping up or stepping off the weighing scale. Your legs may get hurt. You will have to take a lot of precautions while using the weighing scale. But with around edges one, you need not have to do anything else. 

Overload indicator: The maximum weight that you will be able to measure using ActiveX (Australia) Ivy Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale is 180 kg. If you wish to weigh anything more than 180 kg, then you will have to look for a weighing scale that matches your requirements. This weighing scale will clearly give an overload indication when anyone above 180 kg steps up the scale. 

Auto on and off feature: Instead of operating your weighing scale whenever you wish to use it, this scale comes with auto on and off features. That means whenever you step on the weighing scale, it starts working, and when you step off it, it will get off. That is how simple it is to use this weighing scale without any worries. 

Free measuring tape: With this weighing scale, you can receive one measuring tape for free. This tape will help you in checking the body changes more accurately. You can check the measurements of your waist, hips, and thighs as well. So, this gives you more information about the changes happening in your body due to workouts. 

ABS plastic: The weighing scale is made using the best quality ABS plastic material. It can withstand up to 180 kg weight, and that talks about the durability of the weighing scale. If the machine is able to withstand so much weight, then only high-quality material can stay strong. 


Inaccurate values: Accurate values are very important when you are using a weighing scale. The values on this weighing scale keep fluctuating all the time, and that makes it tough for you to know which is the right value and which is not. Just with a few minutes gap, you will be able to see a different value on the weighing scale. So, it is important to make sure that the machine is working correctly by placing something whose value is already known to you. This helps in using it in the right way.