Top 10 Best Bathroom Weighing Scales In India 2022

Planning to get a new bathroom weighing machine to replace your old one? Then read on,

If you are planning to get a new digital bathroom weighing scale to replace your ancient analogue one, for you to measure your everyday weight, then you definitely need to check out these reviews.  It is important that you aim for a bathroom scale that has a lot more going for it than mere aesthetic appeal. It needs to come with advanced functionality as well as ensure that it measures your body weight precisely.

Since you are trying to lose those extra pounds, it is important that you choose the best bathroom scale that can help you on your fitness quest. That’s why we have collated some of the best bathroom scales, checked out their various features and posted their reviews below for your convenience. Just remember to choose the best bathroom scale, one that fits in with your fitness requirements and helps you to shed those extra calories.

Important Features To Consider For A Bathroom Scale

Given the fact that there are so many bathroom scales out there, it can be hard to choose the right one. One thing that you can do is to consider the following factors and use the same to sort through the various bathroom weight scales out there.

The design: Well, the urban myth that the overall design does not matter much and only the functionality does has been busted long back. You need a product that’s precise, can provide you with a precise reading of your body weight, can come with advanced functionality and in the process, manages to get more eyeballs, on account of its modern design. All the scales ranked and reviewed below, have been categorized on several factors from design to overall functionality. The design does matter along with ease of use, and functionality.

The cost: Some of the bathroom scales pack in extra features and come with advanced functionality. But these scales often come with a higher price tag, for the same reason. Whereas there are those other scales that come with basic features and can measure your body weight accurately. These come with a more reasonable price tag, so you need to work out which one is better for you and opt for the same.

Aesthetics: As hard as it may be to believe, the overall look does matter, when it comes to best bathroom scales. After all, you need a bathroom scale that stands out for all the right reasons.

Digital vs analogue: You need to work out which kind of bathroom scales you prefer – the digital variety or the analogue version. The later may be antiquated but it should still provide you with an accurate enough read of your current weight.

Bathroom scale features: Some of the best bathroom scales often come packed with various features and advanced functionality. Some only measure your current weight but others can measure your water weight, lean muscle mass, body fat analysis, and a few others even provide you with calorie recommendations on top of everything else. Just check out the various reviews posted below

Best Buy Bathroom Weighing Scale Online In India

1. Healthgenie Digital weighing scale for bathroom

Healthgenie Digital weighing scale

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This digital weighing scale can offer you a lot of features. You can get a digital display for weight and also a battery notification on the display. This weighing machine is a rechargeable, which you can charge by using the USB cable. The design of the weighing scale is quite attractive and it is made from tempered glass. A motivational quote on the weighing machine will help in boosting your morale. It has auto on & off function that will help in conserving the battery of the weighing machine. The weighing machine will automatically turn off after 5 seconds when you get off from it. The tempered glass is 5 mm thick which gives it extra strength. This machine also comes with auto-calibration features which ensure that you get proper readings all the time

What we liked 

  • Auto on-off feature to conserve battery.
  • Auto-calibration feature
  • 12 months warranty on the product
  • Tempered glass for extra strength

What we did not like 

  • Takes time to get used to it

2. MK Electronic Personal Bathroom Health Body Scale

MK Electronic Personal Bathroom Health Body Scale

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This weighing scale comes with an LCD display on which you can see temperature indicator, battery indicator, and light on the screen. It has a square digital body design that is aesthetically pleasing. To get an accurate measuring you have to keep the scale on a flat surface and then wait for 5 seconds to adjust its center. It has four stability pad suspension, which helps in keeping it stable when you measure weight on it. The maximum capacity of this weighing machine is 180 kg which is ample for almost everyone.

What we liked 

  • Measure weight in lb or Kg
  • Battery and temperature indicator
  • Beautiful design
  • Battery conservation feature

What we did not like 

  • The battery is not rechargeable

3. RYLAN Electronic LCD Bathroom Health Body Weight Scales

RYLAN Electronic LCD Bathroom Health Body Weight Scales

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This weighing scale comes with an automatic on and off functionality that helps in the conservation of battery. It also has an LCD display on which you can check the temperature and battery level. It has a square digital body design, which is perfect for weighing scale as it will evenly distribute your weight. It has a transparent design with a colored strip that makes it look quite amazing. The toughened glass is made for strength and durability to ensure that it does not get damaged easily. It has a high precision sensor which ensures that you get accurate weight every time, along with an overlord indication feature.

What we liked 

  • Step on technology so need for a switch
  • Large LCD display to easily read the measuring
  • Elegant and stylish with the tempered glass top
  • Low voltage, overweight, and error display

What we did not like 

  • Less focus on the design of the scale

4. RYLAN Electronic Bathroom Health Body Weight Weighing Scales

RYLAN bathroom scale

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It is another great weighing scale in which you will get the LCD display that will help in providing you battery and temperature indicators on the screen. In the package, you will get an automatic on and off functionality, which ensures that you do not have to turn it off constantly. One of the advantages that this weighing scale has over others is its amazing design. It is made from toughened glass, which can last for a long period of time without any issues. With the help of its precision sensors, you will get accurate reading every time.

What we liked 

  • Low voltage display
  • Error display
  • Overweight display feature
  • It has an ultra-slim and compact design

What we did not like 

  • Does not provide a rechargeable battery

5. Wazdorf Electronic Bathroom Weight Weighing Scales

Wazdorf Electronic bathroom scale

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It is one of the best digital weighing scales to provide you an accurate reading. It also comes with the temperature indicator on the screen, which will help you to get additional features. One of the best things about this weighing scale is its accuracy so you can get proper measuring all the time. It comes with a transparent design along with the colored stripe on the weighing scale. This weighing scale is made up of a toughened glass that looks quite amazing and provides strength.

What we liked 

  • Compact design to use it anywhere in your house
  • Tempered Glass top for extra strength and durability

What we did not like 

  • Some people might not like tempered glass design

6. ActiveX (Australia) Savvy Bluetooth Bathroom Weight Scale

ActiveX (Australia) Savvy Bluetooth Bathroom Weight Scale

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This body fat scale comes with a mobile app that you can use to monitor your health. It can help in allowing you to track your goals. With the help of all the data, you can easily check the progress that you made in the past few days. The machine can help in showing your body weight, fat percentage, muscle mass, body mass index, BMR, visceral fat, bone mass, and various essential data. Once you connect the app with the machine all the data will be synced to ensure that you do not lose it. You will get a year warranty on the weighing scale to ensure that it runs properly.

What we liked 

  • Measures 13 body composition metrics
  • Sleek and compact design to carry it anywhere
  • Compatible with all the mobile devices with the easy setup
  • Convenient to use for any age group

What we did not like 

  • Difficult for some people to understand all its functions

7. SHOPPOWORLD Electronic Bathroom Weight Scale

SHOPPOWORLD Electronic Bathroom Weight Scale

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This digital weighing scale comes within an LCD display. You can get a battery and temperature indicators on the screen. The multifunction weight scale also comes with an auto-off and on the feature. If it has a low battery, then it will automatically turn off so that it can go on power saver mode. You will also get an overload indication on the display. The elegant look of the weighing scale will look perfect in your house.

What we liked 

  • An elegant look to use it anywhere
  • Made from toughened glass
  • The low battery indicator is quite helpful

What we did not like 

  • The battery is not included

8. RYLAN Electronic Bathroom Health Body Weight Weighing Scales

rylan personal scale

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It is one of the most aesthetics looking weighing scale. This scale comes with an LCD display with light, temperature, and battery indicator on the screen. It has a square digital border design with a capacity of 180 kg. The weighing scale also packs an automatic on and off functionality, which ensures that the users can conserve battery. With its high-precision sensor, you will never get an incorrect reading.

What we liked 

  • Beautiful design to use it anywhere in the house
  • Step on technology to avoid using the switch
  • Ultra-slim and compact design

What we did not like 

  • Does not have a rechargeable battery

9. Ionix Electronic weight machine Bathroom Weighing Scale

Ionix Electronic weight machine

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If you are planning to buy weighing scales then this might be one of the best options for you. Its elegant looks will be perfect to set in your bedroom or kitchen. It has a maximum capacity of 180 kg and gives accurate reading every time. You need to place it on a flat surface for about five seconds to reset its center of gravity. The design of this digital scale is round, which is unique in the modern scales.

What we liked 

  • Round and transparent design
  • Toughened glass for durability
  • Complete assurance of accurate results

What we did not like 

  • Does not have rechargeable batteries

10. Wisk Electronic Bathroom Health Body Weight Scale

Wisk Electronic Bathroom Health Body Weight Scale

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It is one of the best options for the weighing scale available in the market. You can get a maximum capacity of 180 kg for this weighing scale. It has a transparent design, which is quite unique and ensures that you can place it at any place in your house. It has an easy setup, which ensures that you can start using it for your weight loss process. The display on the weighing scale will give you accurate results all the time and ensure that you can monitor the changes in your weight without any problem.

What we liked 

  • Circular design with transparent glass
  • Toughened top class to ensure long-lasting results
  • Set on a flat surface to reset its center of gravity

What we did not like 

  • Does not have rechargeable batteries

#11 Techsun Mart Electronic Personal Bathroom Scale


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This bathroom weighing scale from Techsun Mart is yet another best-selling product on our list. You do not need expensive button cells to operate this machine as it needs 2 AAA batteries which are relatively cheaper. In addition to this, the size of the weighing scale is 8 inches x 10 inches. The top material here is tempered glass and we are sure that you already know the strength of tempered glass. In terms of design, there are very cute cartoon designs available which really compliments the interiors of your house.

The maximum weighing limit for this machine is also 180 Kg and this means that you do not have to worry about overloading the machine. The LCD Display also has a backlight which is yet another add-on feature. Apart from this, you have overload protection and low battery indicator as well. The minimum weight here is 7 Kg and the machine measure weight with a precision of 100 grams.


  • Cute cartoon designs
  • Very much affordable and value for money
  • Needs AAA batteries and not the button cells
  • Can measure weight in Lbs and Kgs


  • Risk of slipping if you have wet feet.

#12 MCP Digital Personal Weighing Machine


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If you are looking for a round design then you need to check out this bathroom weighing scale as this features a round design along with a very thick toughened glass. The tempered glass is 8 mm thick which provides enough strength to the bathroom weighing scale. The diameter of the mcp scale is 13 inches and it is also very easy to store. It includes 4 G sensors to measure the weight and they are powered by 2 AAA batteries. You can easily switch units between Kgs and Lbs.

This bathroom weighing scale is loaded with features which include the overload indicator, low battery indicatory, smart step-on technology, auto–on, big LCD Display. The dimensions of the weighing scale are 3.01 inches x 1.3 inches and in addition to this, the LCD has a backlight as well. The inner ring on weighing machine lights up when you step on it. The maximum weighing limit is 180 Kgs and the minimum is 5 Kgs. It can measure the weight with an accuracy of 100 grams.


  • An amazing design which lights up when you step on the machine.
  • Loaded with several features
  • Uses high precision technology for measuring weight.
  • Round design with 8 mm thick tempered glass.


  • Some people may not like round shape

These are some of the best bathroom scales in the market and each one varies from the other. With these scales, where some of them just come with basic features and others, with advanced technology, should enable you to choose one that fits in with your current budget. It is important to understand that with these scales, you can keep track of your fitness regime and even use the scale readings to monitor your weight and other metrics in real time. And as far as design and overall appeal are concerned, each scale featured here stands out on account of one thing or the other.

#13 Venus ABS-3799 Electronic Digital Personal Bathroom Weighing Scale


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This is the last product on our list and this digital scale from Venus is one of the most preferred products available in the market. This features a rectangular design with a big LCD display which also has a backlight integrated on LCD Display. You can check out this bathroom scale and it has a capacity of 180 Kgs. It has all the usual features like the auto-on, auto-calibration and low battery indicator.

The sensors used in this weighing machine are of very high quality and they give you an accurate reading every time. The glass is also non-slippery which ensures your safety. This bathroom scale is easy to store and be assured while making this purchase that it will last for years without any trouble. 


  • The minimum capacity of 5 Kgs.
  • Non-Slipper glass which is very safe to use.
  • Sleep design.
  • Comes with 3 months replacement warranty


  • Slightly expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

During the purchase of the bathroom scale, plenty of questions can pop-up in your mind, and some of the questions might not have a satisfactory answer. Due to this, we are covering some frequently asked questions which can help you gain more knowledge –

  • How do I know if my bathroom scale is accurate?

Simply scale your body weight and note down the reading. For example, if it shows 70 Kg then take a 5Kg dumbbell and check again. It should be 75 kg now. One more thing you can do is, scale on someone else’s bathroom scale and do the same on yours.

  • How do I test my bathroom scale?

As answered in the previous question, you can carry weight and check, or you can try the same thing on another weighing scale to test it. If you want the third test, then try putting packaged food because they have weight mentioned at the back. It may vary by a couple grams due to the package.

  • Do bathroom scales lose accuracy?

Poor quality bathroom scales lose accuracy if they are used more than a couple years or if someone hops on the weighing scale which has higher weight than the capacity. This might start giving poor accuracy, and there is no way that you can fix it.

  • Where to store the bathroom scale?

Bathroom scales are water-resistant, not waterproof. So, you have to understand the difference and keep it at a dry place. Try keeping your bathroom scale away from wet areas which will be a nice and better decision.

  • What Factor Matters the most during the purchase of bathroom Scale?

Bathroom scales are manufactured by many brands, so each one has different features. You should know if the bathroom scale has smart features like Bluetooth connectivity because it can help you track data in your smartphone. Elsewise, you should look after the digital or analog system.

  • What is the mean of “C” letter on weight scale?

During the first weighing, the bathroom scale will calibrate accordingly, and then you can start using it. Very few models have this feature which allows calibration if you think that it is not giving the proper measurement.

  • Should I weigh myself every day or prefer any other routine?

Scaling yourself every day won’t help to get significant results. Instead of this, you should go for alternate days weighing or trying a weekly basis, which will allow you to get proper weight data and having the record of it. However, people willing to lose weight should take reading every day.

  • Are Digital Bathroom Scales more accurate than an analog one?

According to many reports, both weighing scales is accurate, but you can get the perfect reading from a digital one. It let you know about every single pound easily whereas analog bathroom scales might end up giving a rough reading of your weight, so you should be selective.

  • What are the reputed Bathroom scales brands?

Many brands are considered as the best in the industry of bathroom scales, but after complete research, we found that Arbor leaf, REDOVER, Etekcity Digital, Tanita, Innotech and GDEALER are some of the reliable brands that you can opt for better-built quality, higher accuracy and affordable price point.

  • Why my bathroom scale doesn’t show any difference if I scale again with some weight?

Most of the smart bathroom scales are built with new features which take the reading and store it for 30 seconds. If the same person weight on it with a little weight, it is not going to show the new weight added in. So, you should wait for half a minute or more which will reset the bathroom scale, and you can take a reading.

  • Where to place your feet on the bathroom scale for higher accuracy?

There is nothing like a specific position, but you should keep in mind that you do not touch any wall or person when you are weighing. Stand straight on weighing scale, and it will give you a perfect measurement, which will be the better choice for all the users. Try using it without shows and heavy clothes.

Just check out the reviews and choose the right bathroom scale for your residence.