Healthgenie Digital Personal Weighing Scale

To have a healthy lifestyle, physical and mental health plays an important role. In the era of work from home and hectic schedules, most people ignore the fact that tracking weight on monthly basis is crucial for healthy living. By checking your weight and measuring height, you can ensure a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index). The best possible solution to a healthy life is doing cardio-exercises like walking, running, push-ups, etc. But, what to do if you don’t have a weighing scale? Better, buy a good one. 

Healthgenie Digital Personal Weighing Scale

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Healthgenie Weighing Scale is one of the popular options among buyers in India. It has a range of quirky features to complement the design. Accuracy is always the primary concern, and Healthgenie focused on such important aspects to get you the best product of all kinds. We tested out almost every feature and opted for a complex using a pattern to test this weighing scale. 

Key Features of Healthgenie Digital Personal Weighing Scale:

Before taking a deep dive into working on Healthgenie Digital Personal Weighing Scale, it would be a better choice to discuss all the features. If you consider the phenomenal aspects, there are five amazing features that you are getting – 

  • Precision Sensors 

To get an accurate reading, there are four precision sensors installed in this weighing scale that make it reliable. The accuracy factor is based on all sensors taking equal weight and then adding them to calculate. With four sensors, the accuracy enhances in this weighing scale.

  • Auto Calibration 

There is no need for calibrating this weighing scale as it is automatically calibrated on every start. Once you turn this weighing scale on, it will calibrate all the sensors and automatically set them to an optimal value that is zero. 

  • LED Display 

An adequate size LED display with better viewing angles allow users to take a reading from a distance. Standing on the weighing scale and looking down is enough to take a reading with a single glance. The display is backlit to enhance readability even in dark. 

  • Step on Technology 

There are no on/off switches installed by the manufacturer. This weighing scale works on sensors that turn it on as you step on it. The best part is auto turn on and off feature helps in preserving the battery and using the weighing scale for a longer period. 

  • Personal Use Tool 

This weighing scale is designed to work effectively for personal use. Healthgenie Digital Personal Weighing Scale helps to check weight. Anyone weighing between 40kg to 150 kg can stand on this scale to measure weight easily. 

  • Warranty  

Healthgenie is backing this weighing scale with 12 months of warranty and proper customer support. In case of any defect, inaccurate readings or broken sensors, you can claim this weighing scale under the warranty period. 

These are some crucial features offered by the manufacturer to give you satisfactory use.


After using this weighing scale for more than two weeks on daily basis, we loved so many things that you might admire also. These are as follow – 

  • Build Quality – During the first use, you will notice that the build quality is impressive. This weighing scale is made of ABS material. The best part is, ABS material feels premium and provides prolong durability. There are no chances of having issues like scratches or breakage even after excessive use. 
  • Reliable Precision Sensors – Manufacturer is using G-sensors to provide accurate results to its users. There are four sensors installed at appropriate positions to help you get the highly accurate measurement inaccurate by a few grams. In most cases, you won’t be getting any fluctuation in readings.
  • Preserve Battery Life span – With the help of step-on technology, you can expect ease of use. But, it also enhances the battery lifespan. There will be less battery wastage in such uses, and you can expect a prolonged battery life. This feature is quite quirky and ensures a better purchase. 
  • Great Value for Money – Comparing this weighing scale to other options, this product offers an inexpensive deal, but how? Well, other popular brands like Omron and ActiveX are offering similar features for a way higher price point.
  • Anti-skid design – The top surface of the weighing scale is made of anti-skid material, and there is a firm coating to ensure the user doesn’t slip. Most people use the weighing scale in their bathroom and stepping on with wet feet is a common thing. With this feature, you won’t have to worry about falling. 
  • Removable AAA Battery – The using cost of the Healthgenie Digital Personal Weighing Scale is cheap, and there are two reasons. You have to insert an AAA battery to power this weighing scale, and these batteries are affordable. The second benefit is intense battery life. This weighing scale can provide an impressive battery lifespan of a year. 
  • Adequate After-sale services and Customer Support – Healthgenie might be a less popular brand in India, but they have genuine after-sale services. The customer support response time is excellent, and you can expect 24/7 support for any issue with this product. Having 12 months of warranty and such quality services ensure a great deal. 
  • Colour options – Even though colour is not an important aspect but having such extra benefit isn’t going to cause any harm. The manufacturer is offering three colour options with this weighing scale. These colours are – navy blue, grey, and white. The colour choice is stunning good.


There are a few cons that you might encounter after several months of continuous use. We haven’t noticed any cons, but after reading tons of reviews, we come to such negative points of Healthgenie Digital Personal Weighing Scale –

  • Inaccurate above 130 kg – If someone weighs more than 130 kgs, there are few chances that you might get fluctuation in reading. The precision sensors don’t provide high accuracy at such limits. 

Slightly Heavy – Having a lightweight and compact weighing scale comes in handy in term of portability. Few people might not like the heavy design of this weighing scale.