Mi Smart Weighing Scale for BMI & Fat Analyze – Review & Buying Guide

Mi is a highly reputed brand in India for its affordable smartphones. But the brand also produces a wide range of smart products with incredible features at a low price range. Its smart weighing scale is such a low-cost device to tell you about your health. Apart from showing the weight, this device can show you your muscle mass, body fat, water content, bone mass, and many other parameters. Like its other products, this weighing scale comes at an affordable price for better usability. 

Mi Weighing Scale 

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The smart weighing scale has a sleek design and is light in weight to let users get their health detail with ease. This body composition scale provides up to ten precise data that can lead you towards a healthy life. Moreover, it provides accurate data to give you an idea of your health and fitness. This body composition scale uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology that consumes low energy and offers a reliable connection. Therefore, this smart weighing scale can be a great choice for you to know your health status. Are you willing to use this incredible body composition scale? Let’s know its features. 

Mi Weighing Scale Features

  • High Precision Results

The Mi smart weighing scale has a unique design to let any person use it easily. It uses a complex algorithm system and bioelectrical impedance analysis to provide accurate body composition statistics so that you can meet your fitness goals. With this smart weighing scale, you can know your health details and act accordingly to live a healthy lifestyle. It can provide up to ten precision data of your body guide you towards a better life. 

  • Multiple User Profiles

The Mi smart weighing scale is not only for one or two members of your family, but it can be used by your entire family to get precise results. Also, it can recognize each member of your family automatically and store their data separately. This body composition scale can store up to 16 user’s data. Therefore, it can be used by small as well as big families to get accurate health data of each family member. 

  • Bluetooth 4.0 Technology

Bluetooth 4.0 technology can offer a strong connection between your smartphone and weighing scale to view the results. The main advantage of using Bluetooth 4.0 technology is it can provide energy-efficient performance for high convenience. Therefore, you can use this weighing scale for up to 8 months though it runs using 4 AAA batteries. So, all your family members can use it with no worries. 

  • Auto Brightness Control

The body composition scale has a unique display that is equipped with premium light sensors. The light sensors can optimize the brightness of the display automatically according to the condition. Because of the efficient light sensor, it can offer better readability in any condition. The LED display shows the readings automatically when you step upon it. Because of the auto-brightness control feature, this device can save the battery power for long-lasting performance. 

  • Modern Design With Safety Attributes

The Mi body composition scale has a thin profile that is lightweight and easy to use. It is made of a solid tempered glass that offers high strength for measuring the health data of any person. Also, the tempered glass design offers high transparency for the display for a better view of the readings. The tempered glass body also comes with anti-slip features to offer high grip and prevent slipping. Therefore, this smart weighing scale can be used in any home conveniently. 

  • Mi Fit App

This body composition scale is compatible with Mi fit app to let you see your health data in one place with ease. Because of this feature, you can know all your health and fitness on your mobile screen. This weighing scale can sync your health readings to the MI fit app so that you can track your health status easily. 

  • Slim Design

With a unique white color design, the Mi body composition scale is the perfect device to track your health statistics. It has a thickness of 14.75mm, which is one of the slimmest weighing scales to use. So, you can use this device for an enhanced experience. 

Mi Weighing Machine Specifications

  • Weight range: 50 kg to 150 kg
  • Bluetooth technology: V4.0
  • Operating Systems: Android 4.4 and above, IOS 8.0 and above
  • Thickness: 14.75mm
  • Display: LED display
  • Battery: four standard AAA batteries
  • User profiles: 16 users
  • Material: Strong tempered glass


The Mi body composition scale is a unique device to provide precise health statistics to let you meet your fitness goals. It provides ten health data, including your body weight, to let you see your health data conveniently. It can show muscle mass, bone mass, BMI, body weight, body fat, body score, water, visceral fat, and basal metabolism for your convenience. Therefore, this weighing scale can be the one point solution for you to know your health conditions. It can show you accurate health data to let you meet your weight goals. By using this device, you can stay updated with your health data and act actively to live a healthy life.

The polished tempered glass construction comes with an anti-slip finish to offer a superb grip. So, any of your family members can use it comfortably without worrying. By using improved Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and complex algorithms, this smart weighing scale can help you track your health stats effectively. Also, it syncs your health and fitness data to Mi fit app to offer a clear view of your health stats. It has a convenient LED display to show you the readings accurately. Also, the display comes with an auto-brightness control feature for a clear view. 

If you are looking for an appropriate device to track your weight and health conditions, then you can use the Mi body composition scale for the desired results. The only downside of this device is it may not provide accurate results for specially-abled people, athletes, and pregnant women. Also, those people who have an electronic medical implant should ask their doctor before using this device. This device has a unique design and offers reliable results. As it can store the data of up to 16 users, it can be used by any family conveniently.     


The Mi smart weighing scale is an incredible device to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Because of its accurate results, any person can stay healthy by using it. Its lightweight design is convenient to use in any home. As it syncs the data to the Mi fit app, you can see the appropriate readings on your smartphone. Also, this device comes with auto-brightness control and an anti-slip base to offer a unique experience to the users. So, if you think this weighing scale can meet your needs, then you can use it for incredible results.